Who are Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary?

Giles and Mary on Gogglebox
Giles and Mary on Gogglebox. (Image credit: C4)

If you're asking who are Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary, where have you been?!

Gogglebox critics Giles and Mary are long standing members of the series, first appearing on our screens way back in 2015. They're back for Gogglebox 2021 too, and they're here to offer more hilarious one-liners, bickering, and of course, their very unique interior design.

Here's everything you need to know about the beloved Gogglebox cast members...

Who are Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary?

Giles and Mary met when they were just 21 and have been married for over 30 years. They have lived in their Wiltshire cottage for 28 years, which they nickname "The Grottage" due to the fact it has paint peeling from the ceilings and there's no central heating. They often affectionately call each other "nutty", and Mary explained: "We call each other 'nutty' because we both consider the other to be a bit mad."

Do Giles and Mary have children?

Yes, Giles and Mary have two adult children. Their daughters no longer live at home and one of them was set to appear on Gogglebox alongside them, but decided she'd prefer to stay out of the limelight.

What do Giles and Mary do for a living?

Outside of Gogglebox, Giles and Mary have very interesting careers. Giles creates art and contributes to online magazine The Oldie and Mary is an agony aunt for The Spectator and wrote an etiquette book called How the Queen Can Make You Happy.

In a Spectator article, Mary opened up about her experience of becoming a Gogglebox star. She revealed: "Giles and I were both brought up to prioritise singing madrigals around a piano or playing chess above watching television. So watching it as a job was, for us, a glorious guilt-free experience — and how enjoyable to not have to travel to work or get dressed up for it!"

Giles and Mary's funniest moments

There's plenty of hilarious moments to revisit when it comes to Giles and Mary. From Giles confessing he'd love to have a B&Q uniform to the couple talking about their favourite shop name puns.

What's the story behind their iconic wallpaper?

Giles and Mary's matching wallpaper and armchair has become an iconic backdrop on Gogglebox but it turns out it wasn't an intentional choice made by the couple. In fact, the chair was given to them by someone else.

In an interview with Alan Carr, Mary revealed: "I’ll tell you why. It’s poverty. Poverty. We had the walls done first and then somebody gave us the chair. It was meant to be in the bedroom. We are quite poverty stricken. What Gogglebox has given us is fame, without the fortune.”

Giles added: "There is no point in pretending we are upper class, because we’re not.

“They pronounce things differently to me. Instead of house they say 'hice'. I have been trying to say that all my life, unsuccessfully.”