Who was Cyclops in The Masked Singer US?

The Masked Singer season 7 Team Bad
Everyone wants to know who Cyclops is in 'The Masked Singer' US! (Image credit: Fox)

Who is Cyclops in The Masked Singer US?

Yes, eyeing up The Masked Singer US season 7 competition was Cyclops. This outrageous creature costume joined The Bad team to put on a spooky show for everyone. He captivated the judges and viewers with his surprisingly good voice. Unfortunately, he's now out of the competition, but he didn't leave before taking off the mask. 

Who is Cyclops? True identity revealed! 

We now know that the the person behind the Cyclops costume is comedian and actor Jorge Garcia. This reveal came as quite a shock to not only the judges but to fans as well, as practically no one guessed the Cyclops was the famed Lost actor.  

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Who is Cyclops in The Masked Singer US? First clue…

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The first clue given for Cyclops is a treasure map. One of our thoughts was that it could be the actor Jack Black, who has starred in many adventure movies over the years, including Gulliver’s Travels, the Jumanji franchise, and King Kong, which all of course feature Jack embarking on a journey to mystical islands. Could the treasure map be paying tribute to these iconic roles?

Actor Sean Astin could also be an option, who is known for playing Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of The Rings trilogy, as well as Mikey Walsh in The Goonies. But, as we take another look at the clue we spot a subtle detail to the map where it says “200 north 4 south.” In 2004, Sean released a memoir of his film career called There and Back Again: An Actor’s Tale where he wrote about his experiences during filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy, one of the biggest film franchises of all time — maybe this could be a hint at this huge role during his movie career.

Jack Black smiling.

Could Jack Black be disguised as Cyclops? (Image credit: Getty Images)

Who is Cyclops in The Masked Singer US? Costume clues…

The Masked Singer season 7 Cyclops

(Image credit: Fox)

There’s not much that has been given away by this monstrous costume, but all we can think of is that the masked celebrity could have potentially played a Cyclops character during their lifetime. James Marsden played mutant superhero Cyclops in The X-Men trilogy. Although the character is not an actual Cyclops, it would be a hilarious way to show appreciation to the character.

“Scream King” Patrick Wilson has earned this name due to his frequent casting in horror films and is often facing monsters, demons and ghosts in his many films of: Insidious, The Conjuring, Anabelle, Sinister, and In the Tall Grass. Albeit, he’s never faced off against a Cyclops, but this could be a clever way to commemorate his title of being the “Scream King.” 

Patrick Wilson, Fargo

Patrick Wilson has earned the title 'Scream King.' (Image credit: Chris Large/FX)

Who is the Cyclops in The Masked Singer US? Verbal clues… 

The Cyclops is obviously someone that is comfortable singing in the rock and roll genre. And while he can most certainly carry a tune, viewers don’t seem to be able to decipher a signature rock and roll sound. Certainly not to the point they can listen to him sing and an instant lightbulb goes off. 

One interesting fact that the Cyclops managed to share as he was speaking with Nick, was that growing up he connected with the monsters more than the heroes. This could be a hint that perhaps he’s less of a musician and more of an actor that usually plays the villain. Fans may want to pay closer attention to his interview segments than his vocal performances, as he may give more clues when speaking to Nick and the panelists. 

Who is the Cyclops in The Masked Singer US? Songs… 

Cyclops decided to rock out to “Sacrifice” by Creed in week 1.  

In week 2, the Cyclops decided to take viewers further down memory lane and cover Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds". 

Who is the Cyclops in The Masked Singer US? Show clues… 

During his week one introduction segment, there were a few clues that viewers could pick up on to help them theorize who the Cyclops is. For starters, there was a compass pointing in the southeast direction. This could mean that the Cyclops is from the southeastern part of the United States, such as Georgia or Florida. Or perhaps the direction shown on the compass is not the clue, and more so the compass itself is what The Masked Singer fans should focus on. The compass could hint that the Cyclops is an outdoorsman like Man VS Wild’s Bear Grylls. 

Another clue offered was a framed picture of a sea turtle with a cowboy hat. This hint could still signal that the Cyclops is Bear Grylls, as the sea turtle could symbolize the person behind the mask enjoys being among wildlife. 

Now the last takeaway from the introduction segment makes us second guess that Bear Grylls is the Cyclops. The clue offered was a comic book that had the words “evil beasties” on the cover. Since the Cyclops is a member of The Bad and he professed an affinity toward monsters and villains, again perhaps the Cyclops is an actor known for playing an antagonist. We’re going to make a guess that the Cyclops could also be actor Patrick Wilson. 

In 2018, Wilson played the villain Ocean Master in the DC Comic film Aquaman. That role makes both the framed picture of the sea turtle and the comic book make sense. Additionally, Wilson himself is from Norfolk, Virginia, the southeastern part of the US. 

In week 2, the mega clue for the Cyclops was a meteorite that crashed on earth in 1988. Once the clue was revealed, the Cyclops stated, 

“Legend has it. That this meteorite was found in a nook in Ken’s backyard from a galaxy far far away.”

Based on the clue and the Cyclops' own words,  Ken Jeong was able to make a great guess and theorize that Chris Pratt from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise was the man behind the mask.  

Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy

(Image credit: Marvel/Disney)

Who is the Cyclops in The Masked Singer US? Theories...

As mentioned, we have a running theory that the Cyclops is either great outdoorsman and television personality Bear Grylls, or Aquaman villain Patrick Wilson based on the clues offered in week one. Although, Ken Jeong’s guess of Chris Pratt is a pretty solid theory as well. 

However, fans on Twitter can’t seem to come to a real consensus as to who the person behind the Cyclops mask may be. Names currently floating around out there are NFL great Terry Bradshaw, Rob and Big star Rob Dyrdek, and Mike Sorrentino from The Jersey Shore.  

And while Twitter users have been unable to come to a clear consensus, there are more people starting to buy into the theory that the Cyclops is former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani. 

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If Giuliani is the Cyclops, fans of The Masked Singer can expect quite the dramatic unveil in the episodes to come as we previously reported.

Be sure to keep watching The Masked Singer US season 7 on Fox, Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT.  

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