Who owns The Queen Vic on 'EastEnders' — and who has owned it in the past?

Queen Vic EastEnders
Who owns The Queen Vic on EastEnders in 2021 — and who owned it first and in the past? (Image credit: BBC)

Being the owner of The Queen Vic in EastEnders certainly carries a lot of kudos on Albert Square. So, it's no wonder the pub has been fought over many times, with characters resorting to all sorts of dirty tricks to get their hands on it.

The legendary boozer is currently owned by Mick and Linda Carter. They’ve been the owners for eight years, bar a period when Sharon Mitchell and Ian Beale took over in 2020. However, Mick and Linda snatched it back in February this year.

Such quick changes aren’t unusual. As in all soaps, business and property transactions take place in the blink of an eye in Walford, with rarely a solicitor or an estate agent in sight.

Of course, a battle for the Vic keeps the drama coming for the show. Add to that the whim of new producers who want to put their stamp on the Square and it's no wonder The Vic has seen a myriad of bosses over the decades. Perhaps the next owners might want to think about just installing a revolving door?

Here’s our breakdown of who’s helmed the famous pub over the years…

1985-88 The Den and Angie Years

EastEnders Den and Angie

Den and Angie were the original Queen Vic King and Queen. (Image credit: BBC)

A smile for the punters and a snarl for each other was Den and Angie’s signature style. They took over the pub in the mid-seventies, and by the time we first joined them in 1985 they were a formidable team, despite their backstage barneys. While Angie flirted over the bar to get the punters to put their hands in their pockets, Den leapt over it to deal with any who got handy with their fists. Meanwhile, a teenage Sharon was taking it all in and biding her time…

Notable staff 

Loveable loser Lofty Holloway; heartthrob Simon ‘Wicksy’ Wicks; Kathy Beale.

Notable events

Nick Cotton puts his fist through the window in the show’s first ever ‘duff duff’.

Teenage Michelle Fowler conceives on the pub floor during a one-night stand with Den.  

Den presents Angie with divorce papers on Christmas Day after discovering she’d been lying about having a terminal illness.

The pub sees its first death, as Potman Tom Clement has a heart attack in the gentlemen's loos.

Bar wars:

After her split with Den, Angie departed to run rival yuppie boozer The Dagmar with slimy Wilmott-Brown. Den moved in his snooty mistress, Jan, but she was hardly a hit with the punters. Soon Angie came back, but she left for Spain after tricking Den to signing over the pub to Pat and Frank.

1988-1990 The Pat and Frank Years

Frank and Pat behind the bar in The Vic in EastEnders

Frank and Pat in happier times behind the bar of the Queen Vic.  (Image credit: BBC)

Reunited after 30 years apart, Frank Butcher and Pat Wicks sealed their rekindled love by taking over The Vic. Frank was full of joie de vivre, your amiable host in a cable knit jumper. Pat had more front than Clacton, and could still turn on the charm with the fellas. They moved Frank’s kids, Ricky and Diane, into the pub.

Notable staff

Kathy’s long-lost daughter Donna Ludlow; Tracey ‘the barmaid’, who had been seen on the flower stall since 1985, made her Vic debut during this era.

Notable events

Pat and Frank marry and host a cockney knees-up outside the pub.

Bar Wars

With the addition of young and troublesome Janine to the Butcher family, Frank and Pat decided to buy the B&B, giving them more time to devote to her. Sharon and Wicksy took over the day-to-day running, but the brewery soon put in a more experienced manager…

1990-91 The Eddie Royle Years

Ex-policeman Eddie has the tough qualities needed to keep the punters in line, but his former profession doesn’t go down well with many of the locals. Luckily, live-in barmaid Sharon has the looks to keep them coming back. Eddie later moved in his fiancé Elbhin O’Connor.

Notable staff
Clyde Tavernier

Notable events
Eddie propositions Sharon, and when Grant finds out he beats him up which puts Eddie in hospital.

Bar Wars
Eddie’s reign came to a sudden end, after Nick Cotton stabbed him dead in the middle of the Square. Soon Sharon’s time finally came…

1991-2001 The Mitchell Years Part 1

Sharon, Phil and Grant in EastEnders

The 'Sharongate' episode of EastEnders was one of the most famous showdowns the Vic has seen.  (Image credit: BBC)

Sharon was in her element running the Vic, with hubby Grant and brother Phil a handy back up. When Sharon later departed the Vic, Peggy stepped in, bringing true EastEnd warmth to the pub.

Notable staff

Grant’s second wife, Tiffany and his lover Lorraine Wicks.

Notable events

Grants sets fire to the pub to claim money on the insurance, not knowing that Sharon is trapped inside.

Grant plays the infamous 'Sharongate' tape revealing his wife’s affair with Phil.

Bianca gives birth to her son, Liam.

The punters ‘enjoy the fireworks’ as Peggy exposes hubby Frank’s fling with Pat.

Bar Wars

During a feud with Peggy, Phil sold his share of the Vic to local gangster Dan Sullivan, but later won it back. When Frank fled and left wife Peggy in debt, she was forced to sell her beloved boozer.

2001-2002 The Sharon Years Part 1

“Hello Peggy, bet you didn’t expect to see me back here again,” gloated Sharon as she revealed herself as the new owner of the Vic. At first, Sharon was flying solo, but she later reunited with Phil.

Notable staff

Little Mo’s abusive hubby Trevor Morgan.

Notable events

Charlie beats up his brother Harry after learning he raped Kat as a child.

Bar Wars
Sharon originally co-owned with Steve Owen, but he eventually sold his share to Phil. The death of her mum, Angie, saw Sharon rethink her life, and she decided to leave the bad memories of the pub behind. But someone was ready to step in…

2002-2004 The Alfie and Kat Years Part 1

Kat and Alfie in EastEnders

Alfie and Kat made a brilliant double act behind the bar of the Vic.  (Image credit: BBC)

Charming bar manager Alfie Moon and upfront barmaid Kat were a perfect combination to take the helm of the Vic. So, when new owners Peggy and Phil both departed Walford for a time, the pub was in safe hands.

Notable Staff

Alfie’s little brother, Spencer.

Notable events

Barmaid Mo Mitchell is raped by customer Graham Foster.

Kat and Alfie marry on Christmas Day.

Bar Wars

With Sam left to run the Michell businesses, recently-returned-from-the-dead Den (that's another story) took advantage, and conned her to get his hands on the Vic. The Moons were ousted on Christmas Eve in a heart-breaking Christmas tragedy.

2004-2005 The Watts years

Chrissie and Den in EastEnders

Den made a Queen Vic comeback, this time with new wife Chrissie.  (Image credit: BBC)

Den was back where he belonged, and installed his own family into boozer, including his wife, Chrissie. But once again for Den, while the pub was thriving, behind the scenes things were far from rosy.

Notable staff

Den’s son – and Sharon’s lover – Dennis Rickman; Chrissie’s lover Jake Moon.

Notable events
Den is murdered by his second wife Chrissie. His body is buried under the cellar of the pub, but later dug up by Sam Mitchell, haunted by her part in the killing…

Bar wars!
After the discovery of Den’s body, Chrissie attempted to sell the pub to Ian, but the sale was declared void and the pub went to Den’s heir – Sharon – who sold it to Peggy.

 2005-2009 The Mitchell Years Part 3

Peggy, Roxy, Ronnie Michell EastEnders

Ronnie Peggy and Roxy took the good times with the bad at The Vic. (Image credit: BBC)

The Mitchells return saw the addition of Peggy’s feisty nieces Roxy and Ronnie, who brought a big, bold, blonde injection of new life to the pub. Meanwhile, their dad Archie seemed to be a charming host. But as always, dark secrets festered…

Notable staff

Sean Slater, later to be Roxy’s husband; Dawn Swann

Notable events

At the wedding of Peggy and Archie, Ronnie discovers that Danielle Jones is her daughter – but moments later Danielle is run over and killed outside the pub.

Stacey Slater murders Archie with the Queen Vic bust.

Bradley Branning dies in a fall from the roof of the Vic.

An argument with Peggy sees Phil, while high on crack, burn down the pub.

Bar wars!

Before his murder, Archie along with new fiancée Janine, briefly snatched the pub. Roxy then inherited the Vic from her dad, but soon realised she couldn’t cope and gave control back to Peggy.

2010-2013 The Kat and Alfie Years Part 2

Baby swap, Shane & Jessie on soap awards shortlist

Kat and Alfie returned to the Queen Vic. (Image credit: BBc)

The boozer was given a fresh new look after the fire, but there was something reassuringly familiar about the faces behind the bar as Phil rented the pub to Alfie and Kat.

Notable staff

Alfie’s uncle Eddie and cousin Tyler.

Notable events

Kat’s baby Tommy is born in the barrel store, but days later Ronnie, blinded by grief, swaps her deceased baby James with Tommy.

Bar Wars!

Kat’s affair with Derek Branning saw Alfie move on with Roxy, who became the new landlady. Phil later decided to sell the Vic and Janine was all lined up to buy it until she was arrested. But Phil had another buyer waiting in the wings…

2013-2020 The Carter Years part 1

Mick and Linda Carter, EastEnders

Mick and Linda brought warmth, joy and a lot of pink to the Vic. (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

The Carter family –­ Mick, Linda, kids Nancy, Johnny and later Lee – brought a traditional ‘faamily’ feel to the pub for the first time since the Butchers and their teenage kids. Like Pat and Frank, Mick and Linda remained together (give or take the odd hiccup) and fought their crises as a combined force. Not that that they had any less drama than previous landlords…

Notable staff

Stacey Fowler; Callum Highway.

Notable events

Linda is raped by her nephew, Dean Wicks.

Mick’s mum, Sylvie, dies after being electrocuted in the bath.

Abi Branning dies after falling from the roof.

Bar wars!

After the freehold was sold to an outside company, new bar manager Fi Browning was installed and made sweeping changes. However, regretful Max, who had set up the shady deal, wangled the deeds back. Following Linda’s battle with booze, Mick decided to move out of the pub. He was due to sell to Phil until another offer arrived…

 2020 - 2021 The Sharon Years Part 2

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell and Ian Beale

Sharon just can't seem to stay away from the Queen Vic.  (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Together with Ian, Sharon took over the pub. But with Sharon knowing Ian’s part in the death of her son, Denny, she was secretly plotting revenge on him.

Notable staff

Mick Carter

Notable events

Ian is attacked and left for dead by Phil as part of Sharon’s plot, and she later starts secretly poisoning him…

Bar wars!

Realising Mick was adrift without his pub, Linda wanted it back – and Max, smitten with Linda, managed to blackmail Phil into having Sharon sign it over.

2021–Present The Carter Years Part 2

Mick Carter makes a discovery in EastEnders

Mick's faced some tough times behind the bar at the Vic.  (Image credit: BBC)

And here we are in the present day, the Carters are back behind the bar, and all seem good in the world. We’ll see how long that lasts, shall we?

Notable staff

Frankie, Mick’s long—lost daughter. 

Notable events

Linda gives birth to baby Annie.

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