Nancy and Darren are running scared in Hollyoaks

Nancy and Darren think they have found a way of getting Warren out of Hollyoaks. But then the police come sniffing around and they find themselves on the run

Wily Warren Fox is nowhere to be seen, but he still has Nancy and Darren Osborne running scared in Hollyoaks. They're desperate to get rid of him, but become even more desperate when the police start asking questions.

They race off and are involved in a horrifying crash. But what will the police find when they get to the scene?


Nancy and Darren discover they are not in the driving seat when it comes to getting rid of Warren

Darren is smug, thinking he has a plan to get rid of Warren. But he hasn't seen DS Armstrong approaching

Why is DS Armstrong lurking in Hollyoaks? Is he after Warren, too – or Darren and Nancy?

DS Armstrong startles Darren and Nancy, who are clearly up to something. But what?



Whatever Nancy and Darren are up to, they don't want to get caught by the cops and they race off… then crash! Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday, August 15