‘Grace Black could go to extreme lengths to stop Warren marrying Sienna!’ warns Hollyoaks’ Tamara Wall

Grace panics when she discovers she’s put Jesse in terrible danger

Sienna Blake’s sinister daughter Nico ruined Grace Black’s big day, so it’s payback time when Sienna and Warren Fox plan to wed! Tamara Wall reveals all to Soaplife…

Sienna Blake and Warren Fox’s wedding day is fast-approaching. But there’s little chance of a happy ending with Grace Black on the warpath. “Sienna’s daughter, Nico, ruined Grace’s wedding day when she killed the groom, Trevor Royle,” Tamara Wall told Soaplife. “Plus she thinks she loves Warren. So Grace will do anything she can to wreck Sienna’s big day.”

What does Grace like about Warren? “He’s a bit dodgy, he’s good-looking and he’s engaged to Sienna [Anna Passey]. Perfect! At the beginning, it was all a bit of a laugh, but she’s fallen for him big-style!”

How does she feel about Warren’s impending wedding day? “She didn’t think it was going to happen. Then he suddenly said, ‘I’m marrying Sienna!’ She’s still in shock over it.”

Why does she tell her mum, Tracey, about it? “They’ve made up and she needs to tell someone and let it all out. Tracey urges her to fight for her man. She’s like, ‘Get your heels on and go get him!’.”

How does Grace plan to “get him”? “She thinks if she dresses up, puts on some make-up and goes to find him alone, she can say, ‘Why would you want to be with Sienna? She’s boring!’ Then Warren [Jamie Lomas] will change his mind. She plans to say, ‘I’m not messing about. I love you. Come on!’.”

Does the plan work? “You’ll have to wait and see! But there’s no way that Grace can stand back quietly and let Sienna have a happy ending. She’s capable of going to extreme lengths to stop this wedding, too. Let’s just say things get very dramatic!”

Does she realise how ill Sienna is? “She obviously knows she’s ill, but she doesn’t think she’s dying or anything like that. She was the one who tried to persuade her to have the operation, so she’d feel bad if she died. Despite everything that’s happened between them, Grace does have a heart.”

Can you see Grace and Warren living happily ever after? “If Sienna wasn’t in the picture, Grace would probably get bored quite quickly. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if she ruins everything, ends up with Warren, then realises she doesn’t want him after all?”

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