Hollyoaks extra: Theresa and Patrick kiss! 'Trouble is, I kinda liked it' (VIDEO)

Patrick Blake oversteps the mark when he kisses his new secretary Theresa McQueen on Hollyoaks tonight (Channel 4). But far from becoming a sexual harrassment case, Theresa 'kinda likes it'.

Watch Theresa's reaction to the kiss, above, and find out what Jorgie Porter makes of the kiss...

How does Theresa feel about her new role as Patrick’s secretary? "She loves that she’s got a job so she can support her kids. She also has loads of fun dressing up in her secretary clothes and playing the part. I actually think she’s quite good at her job and enjoys helping Patrick organise his life."

How torn does she feel being stuck in the middle of Patrick and Maxine? "She wants to do a really good job for Patrick and earn her money, but she can see it from Maxine’s side too and knows what Patrick did to her. Theresa has kids of her own and knows what it’s like when your children are taken away, so she wouldn’t want that to happen to Maxine. Theresa and Maxine have been through a lot together because of Dodger, but Patrick is her boss so she feels like she has to do right by him."

How does the kiss happen? "Patrick has had a few too many drinks after the custody hearing and goes round to the McQueens’. Theresa is comforting him and he comes on to her so she just goes with it. Theresa is fond of Patrick, she’s seen a different side to him compared to what everyone else sees and sees the potential for him to be a good man."

What was your reaction when you found out about the kiss? "I was like 'No way! Patrick and Theresa – are you joking?' But I think it works really well."

How does Theresa feel after the kiss with Patrick? "Patrick ignores Theresa after the kiss and her pride is hurt. Being a McQueen, she expects men to chase after her and when she doesn’t hear from him she’s fuming and wants to find out why."

Who’s a better kisser, Patrick or Dodger? "For Theresa it’s still definitely Dodger. Their on-off relationship was heated, there was sexual tension, they had a baby together and she was in love with him. But there’s still time for Patrick to prove himself…"

Is Theresa worried about getting too close to Patrick in case she ends up like Maxine? "Ye,s that’s always in the back of Theresa’s mind, but she feels like she’s a different person to Maxine. She knows what he’s capable of now and thinks she knows how to handle him."

If you could choose any celebrity to be your boss for a day, who would it be and why? "I would love to have Darcey Bussell as my boss because I just worship her, I’d do anything she wanted me to do. She could be my dance teacher too – I’d soak up everything she said like a sponge."

If you could choose any celebrity to be your slave for a day, who would it be and why? "I’d love Sam Smith to be my slave because I’d just make him sing to me all day – I love his voice."

What advice would you give Theresa if you were her friend? "Be loyal to your girl mates. Do what makes you happy and be aware of people’s pasts – can people change? Also, spend some time with your kids!"

Patrick McLennan

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