Hollyoaks prepares for the wedding of the year: will Sienna say 'I do'?


It's wedding time for Sienna and Ben on Hollyoaks, but the bride is hardly in a rush to walk down that aisle!

Naughty Sienna is still obsessed with her secret lover Trevor, who just happens to be a guest, which won't be at all awkward!

As Sienna makes her way to the venue, with Maxine as her bridesmaid,  she knows in her heart it's Trevor she wants to be with and she's marrying the wrong man.

Ben asks Jack to give Sienna away and Nico volunteers to take Jack's place as 'best man'. However with the ceremony about to start, Ben's not happy to see Trevor lingering around and the two men square up to each other. Meanwhile, Sienna makes her entrance, but she only has eyes for one man...and it's not the one she's about to tie the knot with! Will the wedding go ahead or is Sienna about to humiliate Ben and break his heart in spectacular style?


Groom Ben, with Darren, looks dapper in his suit, but is simmering when he spots Trevor is one of the guests...



Will Trevor, with fiancee Grace, be able to keep his cool as he watches his lover walk down the aisle?



Sienna is a vision in white, but what's going on inside that head of hers? Will the cheating madam really go through with her wedding to Ben?

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