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‘I changed my name after I missed out on being Harry Potter,’ reveals Joe Tracini

Ex Hollyoaks star Joe Tracini talks to Soaplife about his new musical role in Spamalot…

You’re touring in Spamalot with your dad Joe Pasquale, aren’t you?

“Yes, and I’m really, really excited. When I was a kid I’d sometimes go on stage with him for the last five minutes of his act, but this will be the first time we’ve worked together properly. We get on - we’re more like good friends than father and son now I’m a grown up, too.”

What’s your role?

“I’m Patsy, King Arthur’s assistant. Dad’s Arthur. I’m loving it. It’s my first musical although musical theatre is what I trained to do at drama school. I’m fine with the acting, singing and dancing - banging the coconut shells together to sound like horses’ hooves has been a bit of a challenge, though!”

How come you’re called Tracini when your dad’s Pasquale?

“I’m a Pasquale, too. I used to call myself Joe Pasquale Junior. When I was 11, I got down to the last three to play Harry Potter in the films, but when I didn’t get it, I thought it was time to change my name.”

Why did you stop playing Dennis Savage in Hollyoaks?

“I was only supposed to do six months, but ended up being there for three years. It just felt it was time for me to try something else.”

Would you ever go back?

“Maybe. I’m lucky in that Dennis had a happy ending. He didn’t kill anyone or end up dying himself. That’s rare in Hollyoaks.”

Would you be up for doing another soap?

“If one of the other soaps wanted a short bloke with glasses, I’d certainly consider it.”