Hollyoaks’ Jazmine Franks: 'Kim knows she isn't the one for Esther!'

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Esther is ready to marry Kim in Hollyoaks, but the wedding will be off if Grace says what Esther wants to hear

Esther is preparing to marry Kim, but will last-minute doubts and interference from Grace ruin their big day in Hollyoaks? Jazmine Franks reveals all to Soaplife…

Why does Esther want to marry to Kim?Kim [Daisy Wood-Davis] is Esther’s safety net and she loves her, although she always lets her down. Getting married is a bit of a statement. They want to prove everyone wrong. Also Esther is very family-orientated and she’s always dreamed of having a big wedding day.”

What do you think of the dresses? “They’re so awful! When we tried them on, we were like, ‘Is this what we actually get married in?’ They were ill-fitting and scratchy. There was so much glitter on them, we both had to take a shower afterwards to wash it all off.”

Why won’t Grace go to the wedding? “She doesn’t want Esther marrying Kim full stop. Esther’s gutted. She does everything for Grace [Tamara Wall]. She’s like her shadow and she sees her as a best friend. Grace says she’d go if she was getting hitched to somebody else. Everyone thinks Kim’s a bit of a nutter and you can see Grace’s point as Kim did set up cameras to spy on her.”

And Grace even tries to stop the wedding, doesn’t she? “Yes. She gets Frankie [Helen Pearson] to help her because Frankie also hates Kim. The pair of them try and sabotage the wedding and cause so much chaos that Esther considers postponing it.”

Does the wedding go ahead? “It does, but Esther doesn’t realise Kim overhears her telling Grace she would refuse to marry Kim if they could be together. She doesn’t really mean it. She’s just calling her out. So Esther’s there waiting and Kim is nowhere to be seen. Esther’s panicking. She’s standing on her own before the celebrant and everybody’s looking at her and she wants to prove all the doubters wrong.”

What happens next? “Kim shows up, tells Esther she knows she isn’t the one she wants and off she goes.”

 So Esther’s jilted? “She’s stood there thinking everyone is laughing at her and she decides to try and save the day. It’s all down to whether or not she can persuade Kim to go through with it.”

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Will Esther and Kim's wedding go ahead in Hollyoaks?