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Will Esther and Kim's wedding go ahead in Hollyoaks?

The girls are bubbling with excitement as their big day approaches in Hollyoaks, but will something happen to scupper their nuptials?

Kim and Esther are super excited about their wedding and share a laugh when they realise they've both bought very similar dresses.

However Kim gets a big knock back when, at The Loft's 90s night, Grace tells her she won't be coming to the ceremony

Meanwhile, Frankie is on a mission to make sure the wedding doesn't even happen at all and gets Grace on board with her plan! Will this wedding actually go ahead? It's not looking promising...

Hollyoaks, esther bloom

Hollyoaks’ Jazmine Franks: 'Kim knows she isn't the one for Esther!'

Will Grace come between Esther and Kim to stop them from tying the knot?

Esther looks fabulous when she slips into her wedding dress.

But when Grace confronts Esther, Esther tells her she won't go ahead with marrying Kim if it means they can still be together! However she's unaware Kim has heard every word!

As their big day gets underway Kim goes AWOL. Esther panics as she waits at the church and there's no sign of her other half. But she breathes a huge sigh of relief as Kim arrives and makes her way down the aisle.

Meanwhile, a bitter Grace looks on. Has she got something else up her sleeve to stop the girls getting hitched? Or will Kim and Esther soon be Mrs and Mrs despite Kim's discovery! Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday, August 1.