Misbah Malik is in danger from her violent son reveals Hollyoaks actress Harvey Virdi

Misbah Malik is in danger from her violent son reveals Hollyoaks actress Harvey Virdi
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Hollyoaks’ Harvey Virdi has revealed that Misbah Malik’s son Imran is becoming increasingly out of control.

Hollyoaks actress Harvey Virdi has talked to Soaplife about Misbah Malik’s dilemma as her teen son Imran’s anger spills over into violence.

What’s the story?

Parenting teenagers isn’t easy at the best of times. For Misbah Maalik, though,things are about to reach crunch point. Her son, Imran, is simmering with anger, bunking off school and taking his rage out on his mother, who’s too embarrassed to ask for help. “She doesn’t want people to think she’s a bad mother,” actress Harvey Virdi tells Soaplife. “She’s also worried he’ll be taken away.”

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Harvey Virdi’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: Why have things got so bad at home for Misbah?

Harvey Virdi: “This is all a manifestation of Imran’s hurt and anger. It goes back to losing his father and the accident was a huge catalyst to how he’s feeling now. He hasn’t dealt with any of it and he’s almost blaming his mum for it.”

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S: Does she want to ask for help?

HV: “No, because she doesn’t want people to think she can’t cope with her own child. She thinks she can sort it out by herself. There’s also a little bit of guilt there as well because he hasn’t always had the attention he’s needed because of Yasmine’s illness. She’s always thought, ‘He’s a good boy. He can cope with things.’ Suddenly, she’s starting to question all of that.”

S: What does she think when she hears he’s been skipping school?

HV: “Sally tells her he hasn’t been coming to school and, initially, Misbah is like, ‘You can’t say that about my son!’ Then when she gets home, they have it out and she realises all the letters the school have sent are in his bag and he’s been lying about it for a long time. It’s a huge shock for her.”

S: How does she react?

HV: “It’s a real struggle. She knows she can’t keep shouting at him. She wants them to have a conversation, but he doesn’t.”

S: Tell as about the moment he hurts her.

HV: “It’s not as if he does it on purpose. She tries to restrain Imran when he goes to leave the house. He pulls away and there’s a scuffle. Misbah’s pushed over. She’s in a lot of pain afterwards.”

S: Can she forgive him for that?

HV: “The problem is he’s so sorry afterwards every time something like this happens, and she forgives him. In a way, it makes it worse because he soon realises all he has to do is apologise.”

S: Will this situation worsen?

HV: “Yes because Imran’s anger escalates. He goes from being angry and shouting a lot to being quite verbally rude and increasingly physical.”

S: What do you think of this storyline?

HV: “It’s challenging. It does make me think about how angry you’d have to be to lash out badly at someone you love. It’s a real world conundrum, though, and the more it goes on, the more isolated parents feel. You should feel safe in your own home and it has far-reaching consequences if you’re walking on eggshells all the time in case your child loses their temper.”

Hollyoaks continues on E4 and C4.

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