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Murder on the Hollyoaks Express! Grace takes her revenge on Eva

eva falco

Grace Black has avenged the shooting of Esther by killing Eva Falco, her brother Liam's lover, in Hollyoaks!

Grace Black has taken her first-class revenge on Eva for shooting her best friend Esther Bloom (Jazmine Franks) on New Year’s Eve in Hollyoaks.

Grace (Tamara Wall) has wanted to make Eva (Kerry Bennett) pay ever since the shooting and although Grace’s brother Liam (Maxim Baldry) planned to run away with Eva, she fulfilled her desire in Monday's E4 episode.

Eva and Liam assumed they were safe as the train doors closed and they started their journey. However, when Liam returned to his seat after speaking to a train guard, he realised Eva was dead. As Liam shouted for help, the train stopped at the next station and Grace stepped onto the platform with a satisfied smile.


What will Grace’s actions mean for her future in Hollyoaks and her relationship with Liam, if he ever finds out?

Kerry, who played DI Eva Falco, said: “I’ve had such an amazing time and felt so welcomed and supported from the start.

“I’m sad to be leaving – six months has flown by way too fast – but it feels awesome to have been involved in such a great storyline on such a fabulous production.”

The episode screens again on Hollyoaks, Channel 4, at 6.30pm on Tuesday, January 17