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Mac struggles with his jealousy in Hollyoaks

When Neeta agrees to help Adam and Jesse at the salon, Mac Nightingale is simmering with rage in Hollyoaks

With the salon opening just days away, Adam and Jesse are up against it so they're delighted when Neeta offers to muck in on Hollyoaks.

However Mac has an attack of the green-eyed monster when he sees his wife laughing and giggling with the boys and offers to help out too, just so he can keep a close eye on Neeta!

Meanwhile, when Adam suggests he give Mac a special conditioning treatment on the house, mischievious Jesse can't resist stirring up trouble. What's he going to do to Mac?


When Mac spots Neeta with the boys from across the street he's struck with jealousy.

Mac's not happy to see his wife working alonside the two flirtatious brothers

He's not having that! But if you can't beat them, join them!

Mac offers his services just so he can keep an eye on Neeta. Meanwhile, Adam works up a sweat lugging furniture around. Time to show off that six pack!

While Neeta chats to Adam, Mac's starting to think the age gap between him and his wife is becoming a problem.

A jealous Mac looks on as Adam and Neeta lock eyes. Is Mac about to lose it? And what tricks has naughty Jesse got up his sleeve to stir up trouble? Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday July 25.