Home and Away's Jackson Heywood: Coked up Brody blows it!

Brody Morgan, Home And Away

Brody secretly takes drugs but it doesn’t stay secret for long when Justin catches him out, according to Home and Away actor Jackson Heywood...

Brody secretly takes drugs but it doesn’t stay secret for long when Justin catches him out, reveals Home and Away actor Jackson Heywood...

What makes perfectionist chef Brody take drugs? “A respected reviewer is coming to eat at his restaurant, Salt,and he lets waitress Lena talk him into taking cocaine in an attempt to calm his nerves.”

Does it work? “It does the opposite and Brody loses his cool with the reviewer, which ruins everything. He feels terrible and he’s acting so out of character that his brothers, Justin and Mason, are deeply suspicious.”

It’s only a few weeks ago that Brody had a go at Mason for getting friendly with party girl Lena! “I know. He’d never have given Lena the job at Salt in normal circumstances, but he’s desperate because he feels under so much pressure. Brody’s vulnerable because the restaurant – his absolute pride and joy – hasn’t been doing too well. Now it’s being reviewed by this star columnist and he needs to make a good impression with a new menu. You know how ambitious he is.”

But it’s down to drugs that his family imploded… “He tells Lena this, but she’s really persuasive. She says she can help him feel better and he goes for it. But it ends badly for him as a result.”

He blows it in more way than one! “You could say that. The drugs make Brody over-confident and the critic isn’t impressed. When the critic gives his opinion about the food at Salt, Brody can’t handle the criticism, even though it’s constructive.”

Does Justin deliberately go looking for drugs because he suspects Brody’s using? “Yes. Mason mentions Brody’s been acting weird since Lena’s been waitressing at Salt. Justin can’t believe Brody would ever touch drugs, but then he finds proof of it.”

What happens next? “Justin accuses his brother of taking drugs, which Brody angrily denies. He lies and he says the evidence Justin has found has nothing to do with him. Justin makes him promise never to touch anything and he wants him to fire Lena.”

So is that the end of it? “Absolutely not. There’s some major stuff coming up for Brody. We’ll see him getting into quite a bit of trouble…”