Billie lies to Ash that her baby is VJ’s in Home and Away

Ash is reeling to discover Billie's pregnant in Home and Away and when he asks if VJ is the father, a scared Billie nods her head

VJ continues to be totally smitten with Billie and in the upcoming week tells her he loves her. Meanwhile, Billie's still in turmoil having discovered she's pregnant following her horrific rape in the gym.

Struggling with severe morning-sickness, Tori insists she gets checked out at the hospital. However when Ash turns up on the ward he's in total shock to overhear staff discussing her pregnancy!


Angry Ash confronts Billie after learning she's pregnant. Who's the father?!

Billie feels wretched and is struggling with severe morning sickness. Tori insists she goes to hospital.

After running some tests, Tori tells Billie she's badly deyhdrated and puts her on a drip. When she asks Billie how she's feeling about her pregnancy, Billie is adamant she's going to keep the baby and not have a termination.

Tori's concerned that Billie is going to be coping with this alone, but just as she and Billie are discussing the pregnancy, Ash turns up. He's aghast to learn that Billie is pregnant!

Tori decides to leave the pair alone together but assures Billie she's there if she needs her.

Ash struggles to contain his shock and demands to know who the father is? When he presumes it's VJ, Billie slowly nods her head in agreement and says, "Yes it is."

Billie's soon really worried. Is Ash going to storm straight off to confront Vj?

She feels terrible about her lie. What repercussions is it going to have? And how will VJ and Leah react when they inevitably find out? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday, July 11