Nate is drugged and Tori realises her family's in danger!

The Morgan family is in a witness protection programme, but Tori is worried that they have been found. Then her fellow doctor Nate is attacked

Tori, Brody, Justin and Mason Morgan arrived in Summer Bay with a big secret: they're in hiding from some dangerous criminals.

Now Tori is scared that their secret has leaked out and they'll be tracked down.

Despite her attempts to keep herself to herself, Tori has found that she is becoming more and more attracted to her fellow doctor, Nate.

When Nate is attacked, Tori is terrified...


Tori is desperately worried. Nate has collapsed at the hospital and she has found a needle mark on his arm. Has she put him in danger?



Earlier, Tori confides in her brother, Justin, that she's worried the crooks they are hiding from may have found them

With Nate laying unconscious in hospital, Tori fears he's been attacked because of her… And she's right!

Tori gets Nate tested for drugs – and discovers he has been injected with ketamine. He was drugged by someone trying to get to her: the thug called Spike

Realising her family is in danger, Tori races home. But Spike is already there, waiting for her

Spike convinces a terrified Tori to lure Justin to the house – and Justin walks right into Spike's trap

Spike tells Justin he wants 'the book'. Give him that and no one will get hurt. But Justin and Tori have no idea what he is talking about

Tori becomes more fearful as Spike gets angry. He thinks the brother and sister are playing dumb and do really know what he is after

Knowing that her family is in grave danger, Tori struggles free from Spike and sprays him with mace. Ouch!

Keen to make sure no one sees what's going on, Justin goes to close the blinds. Then Justin and Tori wonder why Buddy isn't barking

But while their backs are turned, Spike disappears. Justin gets on the phone…the Morgans have to disappear, too. But can they escape danger? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday, August 22