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How to control your Fire TV stick using your Amazon Echo

Echo and Fire TV

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One of the best features that Amazon Fire TV brings to the streaming services table is its many hands-free, voice control options. With just a simple command, you can be watching your favorite films, television shows, or streaming video services, without having to find the perpetually lost-between-the-couch-cushions remote. What's more, you can connect your Fire TV to any and multiple Amazon Alexa devices, like Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot, and enjoy hands-free control wherever you are within earshot. Here's how to set up and use your Alexa-networked Fire TV, starting from the Main Menu.

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How to control your Fire TV with an Echo device

Controlling your Amazon Fire TV from any Echo device is a breeze, but it does take a little setting up before use. Once you have completed this simple checklist below, you'll be ready talk your way into any streaming service, apps or Alexa skills available.

  1. Select the Settings option from the Main Menu.
  2. Choose the option Controllers and Bluetooth Connections.
  3. Hit Select Bluetooth Devices .
  4. Scroll down to and select the Echo device you'd like to pair.

You're all set! If you have multiple Echo devices, simply repeat this process to connect them all, including any smartphone with the Alexa assistant app. Now, there are hundreds if not thousands of potential commands to control your Amazon Fire TV, so a comprehensive list isn't really an option. However, try asking Alexa to play your favorite streaming show or movie, and she should pick up and respond without delay.

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