How many streams does Sling TV allow?

Sling TV
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Best answer: You get one stream at a time with Sling TV's Orange plan and up to three streams at a time with its Blue plan. With the Orange + Blue plan, you get four streams. Plus, using your Sling TV login in channel apps can get you more ways to watch.

Sling: Sling TV ($35+/mo) — but be sure to try out the Sling TV free trial.

Stream limits are different for each plan

Among streaming TV services for CordCutters, Sling TV is king when it comes to subscriber numbers. It's also available on a wide variety of platforms. Subscribing to a streaming TV service like Sling TV gives you savings and flexibility while letting you get rid of your cable box, but it also has limitations.

One key limitation is the number of streams you can have open at one time, or in other terms, how many simultaneous devices you can use to watch video. You can have apps installed for a service, like Sling TV, on multiple streaming devices, phones, or tablets and a stream will only be counted if they are being actively used. How many streams does Sling TV allow? The answer depends on which Sling TV plan you choose.

1 Orange + 3 Blue = 4 Orange + Blue

The Sling Orange plan, at $35 a month, allows one single stream at a time. While there are many channels that are a part of both packages, Sling Orange is the package that includes the ESPN and Disney channels.

The Sling Blue plan, at $35 a month, allows up to three streams at a time. Beyond the base channels included in both packages, Sling Blue is the package that includes Fox channels like FX or FS1 and NBC Universal channels like NBCSN or USA.

Of course, you could subscribe to Sling Orange + Sling Blue at $50 a month, saving a little money on the cost of both, and have up to four total streams at a time. Just be clear that you only get one stream for any Orange package channel like ESPN or Disney, or a maximum of three streams from any Blue package channels.

Another way to stream

Sling TV also allows subscribers to use their login and password on certain channels apps and websites. This is often called TV Everywhere, and Sling TV offers this on many different channel apps as long as that channel is a part of your package.

Once you authenticate on the app or website by picking Sling TV as your provider, and use your login and password, you can access the on-demand and streaming content of the app. This does not count as a stream towards the limits listed above.

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