Andrew Morley on Neighbours' John Doe reveal: 'It's an overwhelming moment'

Andrew Morley in Neighbours

For months John Doe has been a figure of mystery, but Neighbours star Andrew Morley says his true identity totally makes sense

Andrew Morley, who stars as Neighbours’ John Doe, talks about his character’s big reveal and his real-life dream to be a pig farmer!

The 26- year- old joined the cast in March this year after leaving rival soap Home and Away in which he spent two years starring as Spencer Harrington.

Within moments of his first appearance in Erinsborough, his character John was caught up in the fatal Lassiter's blast which killed Doug and Josh Willis. Ever since he’s been suffering from amnesia and has fallen in love with Neighbours regular Paige Smith.

However everything changes this week when John’s memory suddenly returns and we discover for the first time who he really is...

What's on TV caught up with Andrew, who lives in Melbourne, to give us the lowdown.

John’s still worried he has something to do with the explosion isn’t he? "Yes, he’s been getting flashbacks of himself in the boiler room at Lassiters and he’s really worried about it. He’s convinced he’s a significant part of the explosion and so he finds the courage to go to the police and tell them everything he can remember."

What unfolds next? "While he’s giving evidence something happens that sparks his memory. Everything suddenly comes flooding back. It’s a really overwhelming moment, his whole purpose, his whole journey up until the explosion, where he’s from and what he’s doing, it all comes out."

And we discover he’s actually a priest called Father Jack Callahan! "Yes, he’s a man of God! He’s loved within his community and has devoted his life to religion and helping people. What has always shone through in his character is that he’s a genuine, kind, sincere and loving person. It all makes sense now."

So what brought Father Jack to Erinsborough? "He was just passing through. We find out there was a situation in his life that caused him to get up and go. Before the blast he was staying at a friend’s house – a friend who is another significant character, who will be revealed later on."

So is Jack involved in the Lassiter’s blast at all? "He was helping someone who turns out to be involved in the explosion and that person has told him things during confession."

And how does Paige feel about the huge reveal because she’s totally fallen for Jack hasn’t she, and he seems to have fallen for her? "Yes, it’s true love for both of them. Jack has never felt like this about anybody. However, now he’s found out about his vocation and the fact he’s a priest it’s going to be a huge challenge and dilemma for him. Is he going to devote his life to the Church and God as he’d always intended or leave to be with someone he loves? It’s going to be a great story and the audience will go through their pain and heartbreak together."

You’ve been in Neighbours for four months now. How have you settled in? "It’s brilliant, everyone is really nice. I’ve moved closer to the set so I don’t have to travel far and have got a flat in the suburbs of Melbourne which I share with my German Shepherd dog, Tessa.

"She’s like my child! I’d love to get another dog, something a bit more placid. Tessa is very protective of me, the other night she totally freaked me out when I took her for a walk and she went bolting off after a possum!"

Although you live in the city are you a country boy at heart, aren't you? "Definitely. I grew up on a farm, my parents still live there in Victoria. They own beef cattle and racehorses and I go back there most Sundays. I can ride a horse and growing up I used to keep my own pigs – I had six sows, two boars and up to 40 piglets at a time. They’re amazing animals!"

So have you got any desire to become a pig farmer? "I would LOVE to one day, but maybe combine it with acting too, doing a bit of whatever makes me happy. When I have my own family, the dream is to have a plot of land and some space so my kids can run around and have adventures like I did. Animals are a great way of teaching children about responsibilities in life."

How do you chill out when you’re not working? "I’m pretty busy, I run my storage business which I set up five years ago storing caravans for people. There’s always loads of paperwork to catch up on."

And you’re in the fire brigade too, aren’t you? "Yes, that takes up at least one or two nights a week either with training or call-outs. I’ve had call-outs at 3am in the morning and then had to go to work, but I’m passionate about it. I love the challenge, driving the truck, the pressure and the sense of community it gives you.

And we guess that keeps you pretty fit? "Definitely. I love all the outdoors stuff. I’m not a big surfer, but I go to the gym if I’ve got some spare time in between work and sometimes do a bit of running, nothing too long distance!"

So going back to Neighbours, what does the future hold for Jack? "There are going to be lots of twists and turns. Paige and Jack have got a lot of working out to do. It’s a beautiful story that’s going to unfold, they love each other, but can they really be together?

 Neighbours is on Monday-Friday on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm


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