Neighbours' Ryan Moloney: Toadie's got no idea how to deal with the emotion of Dee's return! (VIDEO)

Toadie in Neighbours

Neighbours' Toadie and Sonya reeled as Dee, the lawyer's first wife who supposedly died on their wedding day in 2003, asserted she was in fact alive and well. Not only that, he may also be the father of her daughter!

Tonight's episode of Neighbours saw Toadie Rebecchi find out how his former wife Dee Bliss – who he supposedly killed on their wedding day in 2003 during a clifftop car accident – survived the plunge and is alive and well... In Erinsborough... On Toadie and his wife Sonya's doorstep.

Actor Ryan Moloney, who plays the lawyer, is remaining tight-lipped about whether this spells ultimate doom for his marriage to Sonya, but it's clear there is a ton of Dee-shaped trouble ahead for the Rebecchi couple.

"He can't believe it's her. Dee's dead! There are a lot of questions, and the whole range of emotions: guilt, frustration, anger, sadness, all of it. And he's got no idea how to place any of it," said Ryan.

As the days pass, Toadie starts to accept Dee's story of survival, washing up on shore and being taken in by a woman on the run living 'off the grid', but his wife Sonya remains sceptical.

"Sonya's concerned as to why this person has come back into Toadie's life," said Ryan. "She's wary of this person's intentions and wary of the bond that's formed between her husband and Dee."

As if Dee's resurrection wasn't enough to topple the couple – who are already at odds over pregnant Sonya's decision to become a surrogate for Steph and Mark – there's always the fact that next week, Toadie will find out he's the father of Dee's teenage daughter, Willow, too!

"The fact that he learns she has a daughter [Willow] when he has had problems conceiving as it is, which lead him and Sonya to decide not to have any more kids and Sonya to become a surrogate to Mark and Steph, there's all that aspect to it as well," said Ryan.

"Willow's arrival is absolutely going to make it all more stressful for Sonya and Toadie."

Watch the interview with Ryan Moloney above. Neighbours' huge story surrounding Dee's bombshell reappearance unfolds throughout the week on Channel 5 at 5.30pm


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