Steph's stunned when Belinda kisses her in Neighbours

When Steph arranges lunch with Belinda she's not expecting her ex to make a move on her!

With Belinda back in town, it's not just Steph who's feeling a little uneasy. Her boyfriend Mark is also wary about Belinda's intentions.

Steph tells Mark she's going to clear the air and organises a lunch date with Belinda, but when Belinda turns up with wine and flowers and is keen to reminisce about the past, it's obvious she and Belinda are on a different page!


Steph's shocked when Belinda lurches at her for a kiss. This was definitely not part of the plan!

Earlier on, Steph and Belinda sit down to have lunch together.

The pair of them bond over old memories and the happy times they've shared together.

However Belinda misreads the signals and moves in for a kiss!

Steph is startled, but caught unawares how will she respond?

Steph's unaware that at that very moment Charlie has walked in and seen his mum kissing another woman.

Can Steph convince Belinda that it's all over between them? Will Charlie tell someone else what he's seen? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday, July 18