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Affair scandal to hit THIS favourite Home and Away couple AGAIN next week

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There's heartache heading for Home and Away...

Next week's Home and Away sees love cheat Brody Morgan reignite his affair with Simone Bedford... just as wife Ziggy decides that she would like them to start trying for a family.

Home and Away fans will know that Salt chef Brody was left heartbroken when Simone recently ended their forbidden romance, and he's struggled to try and make things work with wife Ziggy ever since.

But despite the fact his big brother Justin is begging him to think about the vows he said to Ziggy on their wedding day, Brody just can't help the feelings he has got for Simone and things take a dramatic twist next week.

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

Brody and Simone just can't keep away from one another...

While Ziggy is innocently house hunting for a new place that she can spend her future together with Brody, she even lets slip to her dad that she's going to need a place big enough for the kids that they're hoping to have one day.

But what Ziggy doesn't realise is that while she is mapping out her future with her husband, he is secretly meeting with Simone and laying his heart on the line for her.

Simone is stunned when Brody declares his undying love for her on Thursday 18 April, and he even promises to end things with Ziggy once and for all so that they can be together properly.

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

Brody and Simone's secret affair is back on!

But after being interrupted by Justin, Simone doesn't get the chance to give Brody her answer about whether they have a future together or not, but that doesn't stop him heading home, ready to end his marriage with Ziggy.

But what he doesn't count on is arriving home to hear that Ziggy has changed her mind about wanting a family and that she wants them to be parents together.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Brody Morgan

Ziggy is unaware of Brody's guilty secret...

Totally thrown, Brody makes a swift exit, leaving Ziggy totally confused. But will she work out what is really going on with her cheating husband?

Or could she end up pregnant before Brody has a chance to end things for good?

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