'Angela Black': fans are convinced Ed and Olivier might be working together

Angela Black episode 3
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Angela Black returned last night, and the big twists blew some fans' minds.

Last week, viewers were preoccupied with their theories about what Edgewater was, and there's still plenty of questions about that and who Ed even is, and whether he's real. Now, we've got questions about everyone's loyalties, as the events of last night's episode suggest that Ed and Olivier might be working together!

*spoilers for Angela Black episode three ahead*

Episode three saw Angela and Ed teaming up to get rid of Olivier once and for all. Ed told Angela to slip her husband a sleeping pill and to then run to a neighbor's house as if there was a break-in and ask to call the police. During the commotion, Ed was supposed to kill him.

Angela does as she's told, but when she returns to the house she finds Olivier unharmed and nothing out of place at the house. Olivier then tries to work out what happened and shows Angela an old rifle that his grandfather left him. He tells her she needs to know how to defend herself.

Angela Black episode three

Angela was shocked to see her husband was still alive. (Image credit: ITV)

Angela tries to get hold of Ed but he doesn't answer the phone, and she starts to worry about what's going on. Eventually, she gets through of him and they meet up again; Ed tries to convince her to try again, but Angela tells him to leave her alone. Later on, Ed makes contact with her again. He tells her that Olivier is onto them both and that he's coming for them.

Panicking, Angela rushes to wake the kids and then goes for the gun after seeing a car on the driveway and the police at the door. Whilst she's distracted, Olivier slips into the house through the back followed by the police, who place Angela under arrest for possession of a firearm!

Because Olivier had shown her where the gun was and how to load and handle it and that Ed somehow screwed up their plan to get rid of Olivier and that Ed has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, viewers are convinced that Ed and Olivier are working together to get rid of Angela.

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The shocks didn't stop there, though! In custody, Angela was informed that there's no evidence of Ed's existence and that her story bears a striking resemblance to the plot of a novel written by an author called Ed Harrison. Plus, they recommend that Angela be admitted to the hospital under the Mental Health Act because of recent events and the history of what happened at Edgewater. 

Why might Ed and Olivier be working together? Is Ed even real? Will we ever actually find out what Edgewater really is? We'll have to wait to find out...

Angela Black continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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