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Brief Encounters' Angela Griffin: 'The 80s equals good times!' (VIDEO)

Angela Griffin plays Nita in Brief Encounters

Angela Griffin reveals how she has fond memories of the 80s, but as period drama Brief Encounters continues this week, it seems her character has some challenges ahead...

While actress Angela Griffin remember the 80s for being a decade of fun, her character Nita in Brief Encounters has plenty of trauma ahead.

No sooner had Nita become a party planner for Ann Summers in last week’s opening episode of the ITV drama set in 1982, she was given the shock news that she was pregnant with her fifth child.

Angela told What’s on TV it’s a bombshell that’s going to 'rock Nita's world'.

"Nita’s very happy with her life exactly as it is, apart from the money; apart from money, she doesn’t want to change a thing, so when she gets a seismic shock at the end of the [first] episode, that completely and utterly rocks her world," she said.

"It really makes her question what she's gonna do, how she’s gonna go forward and what decisions she’s gonna make. And it has quite a big impact on her and her husband's relationship."

Nita’s husband in Brief Encounters is played by ex-Holby City and EastEnders star Don Gilet and Angela jokingly admitted it was slightly awkward working with him.

"I've known Don for ages, he used to go out with my mate and that was weird! I worked with him on Babyfather about 20 years ago, then when we got the job for this, we were like: 'We've got to kiss and everything'. Bizarrely, it's easier to kiss a stranger, I've discovered, than your mate!"

Like her character in the show, Angela has in fact been to an Ann Summers party.

"It was about 18 years ago. Lisa Faulkner’s sister was getting married, and it was for her hen night,” said Angela, who’s been friends with fellow actress Lisa, since they worked together on Holby City. "I don’t remember massive amounts about it, but I probably did get dressed up!"

Angela, as Nita, wore a French maid’s outfit in the first episode of Brief Encounters.

"It’s not necessarily the image that I want the UK to have of me, but they were very kind to me and it was adapted to make sure that it wasn't too revealing," she said. "It didn't look that bad in the end."

Angela boldly declared that 'the 80s equals good times' and recalled how she was quick to embrace the fashions of the decade, though not always with great success…

"I remember having this batwing jumper and it had all these ‘fashion ladies’ on, wearing the same jumper, with real diamond earrings," she said. "There were other batwing jumpers that I really wanted but we were so poor that we couldn't afford them, so my mum knitted me one.

"I absolutely loved it… until I went to school and everyone went: 'That’s not a real one. Your mum’s knitted it and it's rubbish!'"

Brief Encounters continues on Mondays at 9pm on ITV.

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