Ariela drowns in wine on 90 Day Fiancé season 9

Biniyam looking at Ariela as she has wine dripping from her face on 90 Day Fiancé
Biniyam looking at Ariela as she has wine dripping from her face on 90 Day Fiancé (Image credit: TLC)

In the third episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 viewers finally got to see the most-talked-about scene from the show’s trailer. Biniyam’s sister, Wish, confronts Ariela and throws wine in her face. Even though Bilal finally revealed the truth behind his prank and Mohamed said his perfect woman will love him as his mother, the "oh my gosh" moment of the night was easily the wine toss. 

Taking a few steps back first, it’s no secret that the relationship between Ariela and Biniyam’s sisters Wish and Mimi has been rocky at best. From the beginning of Ariela’s time in Ethiopia, she and the siblings clashed over a number of things, including Avi’s baptism, Ariela’s level of commitment to their brother and whether she would take Avi back to the states for good like the mother of Biniyam’s first child. Wish took things a step further and in a move that still makes no sense to us, happily ratted out her brother and told Ariela that Biniyam was cheating. (Was the vengeance that satisfying?)

Things took an even uglier turn at the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 tell-all last year. Ariela told her soon-to-be in-laws that she never wanted to see them again and insisted they were "not her family." After accusations of being "jealous" and "pathetic" were thrown around, Biniyam’s fiancé walked off the set. 

Fast forward to the wine toss. It’s the day before Biniyam leaves with Ariela to go to the states and viewers find out he really hasn’t told his family he’s moving. He’s decided to inform them that night at the premiere party for his new music video. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this was a terrible idea, but it’s the one Biniyam goes with. 

When Wish and Mimi walk into the party venue, Wish hugs her brother but doesn’t greet Ariela and Mimi just enters saying “COVID.” (Even in 2022, COVID has not become synonymous with hello.) The cold greetings weren’t a great start to the evening. 

Once his music video plays and a champagne bottle is popped, Biniyam nervously bumbles his way into telling his sisters he’s moving. At that moment, his sisters immediately blame Ariela for the late notice. They attack her for being "family" and not giving them the courtesy of informing them earlier their brother is going to the US. She retorts they are "family" but it was Biniyam’s call on when to share the news, emphasizing the timing of their announcement is not her fault. 

After some more back and forth about who’s to blame and the quality of the relationship between Ariela and Biniyam’s family, the former notifies the sisters that she’s happy she’s not going to see them anymore and she’s not marrying them but Biniyam. At that moment, Wish tossed the wine in Ariela’s face and walked off. Mimi then trailed behind her and in a confessional moment with the camera the two express how they don’t feel Ariela and Biniyam will make it in America. 

Perhaps more shocking than Ariela drowning in wine (wonder if it was cabernet or merlot) was the fact Biniyam said relatively nothing. From the time he announced his departure to the time his sisters left the building, he didn’t make any real effort to diffuse the situation or take responsibility for the late announcement of his move. That’s not a good look for a guy that danced his way into popularity among 90 Day fans. 

Make sure you watch the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 to see if Biniyam steps up and fixes this situation.  

90 Day Fiancé fans react to Wish throwing wine on Ariela

Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé seem to have a lot to say about the now infamous wine toss.  

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