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Was EastEnders star Danny Walters in Benidorm? And who did he play?

Danny Walters as Tiger Dyke in Benidorm
(Image credit: ITV)

Danny had a lot of fun in Benidorm

EastEnders fans of course know Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor, but before his Walford days Danny was in ITV’s Benidorm.

ITV has been repeating the comedy, and viewers have been watching and thinking, “Hang on, is that the bloke who played Keanu?”

Danny Walters as Tiger in Benidorm

Danny Walters as Tiger in Benidorm

Well, Danny actually got his big break on Benidorm. Back in 2014 he landed a part in the ITV series. He’d only graduated from the London School of Musical Theatre the previous year and he once told us how chuffed he was to have landed the role.

“It was the best feeling of my life,” he revealed. “That day something changed for me. I went from being a young wannabe actor to being surrounded by amazing talents.”

EastEnders - Keanu Taylor

Danny as Keanu in EastEnders (Image credit: BBC / Kerion McCarron)

So, who did Danny Walters play in Benidorm?

Danny played Tiger Dyke, who turned up at the Solana with his dad Clive and mum Tonya. Tiger was something of a tearaway and was soon causing all kinds of havoc!

“He’s the type of kid I definitely wouldn’t have messed with,” he once told us. “It’s not that Tiger’s a hard nut or nasty, but he loves causing trouble, and he leads Michael [Garvey] into loads of it. He’d rather get Michael into hot water and save himself though. He’s a bit clever like that.”

Danny was just 20 when he landed the part, although Tiger was meant to be 16. “I had to go back a few years to think how I was at this age, and I was stroppy, so that’s how I’ve made him - a right stroppy teen.”

How long was Danny in Benidorm?

Danny played Tiger from 2014 to 2017. ITV is currently repeating Benidorm and one of the episodes, being shown on Wednesday 24th June at 9pm, sees Tiger and Joey getting in trouble at a local biker bar. The pair must win a drinking game in order to save their necks!

Benidorm is currently being repeated on ITV.