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10 Years Ago This Week in the Soaps: 29 October

Remind yourself of all the soap drama that was happening in Corrie, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks this week 10 years ago!

Soap fans are bound to remember these shocking storylines from this time in 2006...


There was a catfight on the cobbles when annoyed other woman Maria Sutherland told Charlie Stubbs’s girlfriend, Tracy Barlow, the truth about their affair. Not unexpectedly, Tracy reacted badly… and violently.

Bully-boy and love rat builder Charlie, meanwhile, decided he’d had enough of devious David Platt meddling in his affair with Maria… so he lured the terrible teen to Maria’s flat, and he threatened to drown him in a bath if he didn’t keep his nose out of his business! Shame his secret was already out!

Elsewhere, Frankie Baldwin succumbed to Jamie Baldwin’s charms, then realised she had to escape the situation and pleaded with husband Danny to go to Spain.


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An angry Jane Collins confronted hubby-to-be Ian Beale when she learnt he’d lied about throwing a small and intimate wedding. The argument escalated and Jane decided she’d had enough… and called the wedding off!

Ruby Allen

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Sean Slater and Ruby Allen were celebrating their engagement and they even started flat-hunting and planning a life together. But everything was not as it seemed…

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Honey Mitchell was still struggling to connect with Petal (as daughter Janet was then called) and her behaviour became increasingly strange. At one point, she went missing, then she collapsed onto the bed in tears when she couldn’t comfort her daughter.

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Elsewhere, Patrick Trueman lied to Denise Fox and her daughters, Chelsea and Libby, when he claimed that DNA test results confirmed he was Denise’s real father.


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The well-to-do King family were in for a shock when they arrived back at Home Farm to discover Eli and Chas Dingle had been playing a game of strip croquet… and Eli had lost the game. And most of his clothes!

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Edna Birch’s sister, Lily, played by Neighbours legend Anne Charleston, also arrived in the Dales. And it wasn’t long before viewers learnt she harboured a dark secret…


There was a car crash drama in Hollyoaks when Ste Hay took a car and several of his school pals for a joyride. Unfortunately, he crashed the car and Amy Barnes was seriously injured!