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10 Years Ago This Week in the Soaps: 12 November

Remind yourself of all the soap drama that was happening in Corrie, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks 10 years ago this week.


Roy Cropper was far from pleased when his wife, Hayley, gave her troubled chum, Becky Granger (played by Katherine Kelly), a job at the cafe. It seemed his fears were justified, too, when she accidentally smashed plates, then seemingly short-changed an angry Tyrone Dobbs.

Jamie Baldwin was uncomfortable when his dodgy dad, Danny, invited him for Sunday lunch with Frankie. Then he was heartbroken when Danny asked his estranged wife – and the object of Jamie's affections – to remarry him! Ouch!

Elsewhere, Steve and Liz McDonald celebrated a brave new future as joint owners of the Rovers Return.


Mickey Miller was livid when love rat Rob Minton arrived at chez Miller to see Dawn Swann, who'd learnt he was still married and not separated as he'd told her. A scuffle broke out, but Dawn eventually asked Mickey to leave them alone... and Rob pleaded with Dawn and told her that he loved her!

Ruby Allen

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Stacey Slater was concerned about grieving best mate Ruby Allen, especially when her sly brother, Sean, insisted he and girlfriend Ruby would still get married. Ruby fell for the charmer's promises about wedding bells. Alarm bells should have been ringing instead!

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Max and Tanya Branning were about to enjoy a romantic evening with just the two of them. That plan bit the dust, though, when a worried Bradley came calling, needing advice about his failing relationship.

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Elsewhere, Phil Mitchell became an unlikely knight in shining armour for Stella Crawford when her car wouldn't start. Thus began an unlikely romance...


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Daz Hopwood faced an emotional time when he and his stepdad, Jack Sugden, went to visit his real father, Billy Hopwood, in jail. It was an uneasy visit for the troubled teen, made all the more unsettling when he learnt his dad was up for parole and could be a free man.

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Under-age drinker Jasmine Thomas found herself the focus of police attention thanks to Val Lambert's bid to get Woolpack landlady Diane Sugden in trouble.

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Poor Edna Birch saw her dreams of a romance with Tom King in tatters when he announced that he and Rosemary Sinclair were an item. Tom's sons, Carl and Jimmy, didn't look too happy either!


Trouble magnet Justin Burton was stunned to find Sasha Valentine (played by Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel) in his bed.

Steph Dean pulled out all the stops to ensure the chance to catch her big break didn't remain a missed opportunity. Wearing nothing but an inflatable guitar, she certainly caught everyone's attention, including the music industry guru she was keen to impress.

Elsewhere, Steph's sister, Debbie, waved goodbye to Chester.