‘Casualty’ favourite Jade Lovall involved in shocking new story reveals Gabriella Leon

Jade Lovall is set for a major new storyline in Casualty.
Pulling back the curtain on Jade Lovall's early life... (Image credit: BBC)

Jade Lovall is set to be involved in a shocking origin story with Ethan Hardy and new consultant Stevie Nash. The storyline kicks off as part of Casualty's 35th anniversary episode (BBC1, 8.45pm, Saturday 14 August 2021 — see our TV Guide for listings). 

It’s connected to a terrible accident in 2016, which brought a distraught Jade into the ED when she was a young nursing student. This marks the start of a twisty turny new chapter for Casualty favourite Jade, where the career she holds dear is threatened.

We caught up with Gabriella Leon, 25, who plays Jade Lovall, to find out more…

Jade Lovall is crucial to Casualty’s special anniversary episode. Gabriella, how did you feel when you found out Jade was going to be part of the show’s 35th celebrations?

Gabriella Leon: "I was really excited to be a part of Casualty’s 35th anniversary episode, as it’s such a milestone for the show, and our team. Having Jade be a part of it feels really special because of what she represents, and how far the show has come in terms of bettering inclusivity. It’s a fantastic episode celebrating the show’s 35 years of excellent storytelling and lovable characters."

What can you tell us about Jade’s flashback storyline and how her younger self comes to be in the ED at the time of Big Mac, Noel and Cal...

GL: "It’s set in 2016, where Jade has just started training to be a nurse. She’s not sure of herself or who she is. A situation happens that leads her to Holby City ED. It was so fun playing her from five years ago!"

What is younger Jade like at this point in her life and is this a significant turning point for her?

GL: "This is very much Jade’s origin story. She is quite lost as an individual and we really see her grapple with herself, starting out in her very early nursing career. 

"The situations and things that happen propel her into the person she is today. This episode is a huge turning point for Jade, and is something that stays with her for a very long time..."

How would you sum up the anniversary special in one sentence?

GL: "A decision can change someone’s life."

Superb answer! Casualty is going from strength-to-strength, what do you think is the secret to its success?

GL: "There is so much heart that goes into making the show. There is a level of openness to adapt, try new ways of storytelling, and focusing on stories that haven’t been told. 

"Casualty is the perfect platform for underrepresented voices to be heard and seen. The show tries to stay current and taps into what excites people on a Saturday night. The whole team are a pleasure to work with, which makes the work fun and, above all, good."

We see the introduction of Stevie Nash this week. What does Jade think of her, and is Stevie going to be involved in Jade's thrilling new storyline?

GL: "There is so much to unpack with Stevie and Jade! Jade is really taken by her. She’s a fabulous doctor, so sure of herself and so encouraging to Jade. The two stories are more connected than first thought..."

Do you have any other upcoming storylines you can tell us about?

GL: "There are some really exciting storylines coming up for Jade. She embarks on a huge journey of finding her self-worth, as the past again revisits her."

Casualty celebrated its 35th birthday with a special extended episode on Saturday 14 August at 8.45pm. It is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer Keep checking our Casualty page for more exclusive interviews.

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