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Casualty star reveals Ethan will find out Fenisha's baby bombshell!

Fenisha looks worried. Is it time to reveal her baby secret to Ethan?
Fenisha looks worried. Is it time to reveal her baby secret to Ethan? (Image credit: BBC)

Olivia D’Lima reveals why Fenisha’s keeping her baby secret from Ethan in Casualty

Fenisha Khatri has made quite the impression since she joined Casualty. The free-spirited paramedic had a one-night stand with mild-mannered consultant Ethan Hardy, followed by a whirlwind romance with doctor Will Noble, only to realise she was pregnant with Ethan’s baby!

Since then Fenisha has dumped Will (Jack Nolan), best pals Ethan and Will have fallen out and Ethan believes Fenisha had a termination. In actual fact, Fenisha has decided to keep the baby, but hasn’t told a soul!

“Fenisha’s been introduced in quite a bold way, which I love!” says Casualty newcomer Olivia D’Lima, when What’s on TV called her to talk about upcoming twists and turns in the long-running medical drama. “She’s confident and lives her life how she wants to. She’s very much living in the moment – which is how she’s ended up in this mess!”

Fenisha helps wrestler Malc after he's trapped by dodgy rigging

Risky business! Fenisha helps wrestler Malc after he's trapped by dodgy rigging... (Image credit: BBC)

This week in the line of duty Fenisha fearlessly puts her life at risk to save a wrestler pinned under stage rigging. Fenisha races to rescue trapped Malc (guest star Connor Bryson) despite paramedic boss Jan Jenning sternly instructing Fenisha to wait on the fire service!

It turns out experienced paramedic Jan was right in her assessment, and Fenisha gets trapped when the rigging collapses.

“Being a paramedic on Casualty you get to do a lot of fun stuff. The first time I had my own stunt double I just had to get a picture with her,” laughs Olivia, who made her Casualty debut in February.

“Joining Casualty has been an amazing whirlwind experience. The medical jargon can be a mouthful but everyone’s incredibly patient and very welcoming!”

Casualty medic Ethan looking perplexed

Secrets R Us. Are Ethan, Fenisha and Will sleepwalking into heartbreak? (Image credit: BBC)

This week the headstrong newbie has a lucky escape. But will Ethan (George Rainsford) twig he’s a dad-to-be when he checks over Fenisha’s injuries later in the ED?

“Ethan will end up finding out,” teases Olivia, who goes on to explain why the rookie paramedic is keeping her baby a secret for now…

“Fenisha wanted to tell Ethan she was keeping her baby after talking to a nurse at the clinic a few episodes back.

“She was actually quite excited by it, but then was crushed when Ethan was relieved at the thought of her having a termination. I don’t know if she’s ready to see his reaction… or his face drop!”

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Meanwhile, Jan (Di Botcher) is furious with Fenisha. Jan’s had experience with reckless co-workers, Sam Nicholls and Iain Dean, and doesn’t want to see history or tragedy repeat itself. Unfortunately, Fenisha doesn’t see it that way!

“There’s a lot of hurt and anger in these scenes. Fenisha is very independent but can be a bit naïve in her belief that she knows everything, in both work and her personal life!” reveals Olivia.

“Filming conflict with Di Botcher is a doddle because she’s such a wonderful person to work with. We have a lot of fun!”

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Find out who wins this battle of wills when  Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.40pm on Saturday 23 May 2020!