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Casualty star George Rainsford: It's WAR between Ethan and Rash!

Ethan is smitten when he sees Fenisha again
Ethan is is delighted to bump into Fenisha. Is the feeling mutual? (Image credit: BBC)

Rash is unforgiving when Ethan returns to the ED. Casualty star George Rainsford tells us more…

Casualty consultant Ethan Hardy returns from his volunteer post in Costa Rica this Saturday determined to build bridges with junior doctor Rash Masum. Rash, however, didn’t get the memo and is struggling to hide his contempt for the senior consultant!

The root of the problem stems from a series of serious events last Summer. Ethan (George Rainsford) was caught up in a terrorist attack that left him with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). On the same day, Rash (Neet Mohan) had returned from travelling for his mother’s funeral.

Over the following months Ethan began neglecting is mentor duties towards junior doctor Mason Reede (Victor Oshin), which piled unprecedented responsibilities on grieving Rash… Matters eventually reached boiling point, and Rash punched Ethan!

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But there was more trauma to come in Casualty. Rash was left distraught when he found Mason dead in store cupboard in the ED on the very same day Ethan left Holby for Costa Rica.

Now Ethan’s back Rash isn’t welcoming him with open arms in Casualty…

Rash watched Mason at work in the ED in Casualty

If looks could kill... Ethan would need multiple funerals (Image credit: BBC)

“The timing of Ethan’s departure wasn’t very well done, especially in terms of his relationship with Rash. The situation with Mason was awful. And while Ethan wasn’t responsible for Mason’s death, there certainly is an argument that he should have stayed to help, and also sort out some of his issues with Rash as well,” said George Rainsford, when What’s on TV talked to him about these events.

“At that time, Ethan decided his needs were greater. He was blinded by all the other things going on in his head and his life. He decided that rather than continuing with the pressure of work, he needed a break from Holby to clear his head.”

Now Ethan’s back he wants to know how Rash is coping in the aftermath of colleague Mason’s shock death. This week viewers will see Rash actively repel Ethan’s interest in all sorts of ways, from giving him the cold shoulder and pointedly ignoring him, to snapping at the senior medic in front of patients…

With Rash behaving in such an unprofessional manner, will Ethan be forced to confront the young medic?

“I’ve said this before but there are a lot of similarities between Rash and Ethan,” said George. “There’s been a lot of bad blood between them… in order for it to end there will have to be some self-reflection and also some honesty.

“We’re exploring this idea that everybody in the NHS is under pressure… and it’s bad for everyone.”

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Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1