Lucy Fallon reveals Bethany Platt's kidnap terror in Coronation Street!

Bethany Platt, Kayla Clifton, Coronation Street

Bethany Platt is terrified when she's taken prisoner in Coronation Street by a crazed Kayla Clifton reveals actress Lucy Fallon

Bethany Platt is becoming more and more suspicious about Kayla Clifton and her relationship with Craig Tinker. Having discovered Craig’s gone AWOL from his police medical, Bethany sets off to Kayla’s house to try and find him – with extremely scary consequences.

What's the story?

“Kayla’s at home and she lets Bethany in and it’s then that she sees daughter-and-father photos of Kayla with corrupt policeman Neil Clifton,” actress Lucy Fallon tells Soaplife. “Bethany’s horrified! But, before she can say or do anything, Kayla hits her over the head with a vase, then she ties her up and gags her!” Will Bethany escape?

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Lucy Fallon's interview with Soaplife about the kidnap terror Bethany Platt faces in Coronation Street…

Soaplife: So, Bethany’s in danger again!

Lucy Fallon: “Yes. It’s very scary but it’s also extremely creepy for her because of the link to Neil and the whole grooming nightmare.”

Bethany Platt spots the photograph of Neil and Kayla together and demands answers. But can Kayla talk her way out of it?

S: Is she still dealing with the fallout of that?

LF: “Absolutely. From speaking to people who were in a similar situation to Bethany, it seems something like that stays with you for ever. It’s not something where you go, ‘I’m fine now’. She will always carry it with her and she’ll have to deal with it.”

S: When did alarm bells start ringing that Kayla wasn’t all that she seemed?

LF: “Their relationship wasn’t great from the off. All the stuff about Kayla trying to convince Craig to believe in his rituals, making his OCD even worse and undermining his confidence about the police has really worried Bethany. Her suspicions were heightened when she went through Kayla's locker at Speed Daal and she found a little book that Kayla had filled in about Craig.”

S: Does Bethany escape?

LF: “That would be telling.”

S: If she does manage to break free, might she have a tiny bit of sympathy for Kayla?

LF: “Once she realises Kayla’s under the illusion that Neil is this heroic police officer who’s been wrongly imprisoned, then, yes, she’ll have some sympathy. Kayla’s not the only one who’s been hoodwinked by Neil. Craig was taken in by him, too. Bethany will ultimately start to see Kayla more as a victim, which puts them on the same side.”

S: Has Neil put Kayla up to this plan?

LF “No, he's just forced Kayla to believe that he’s a good person, that Bethany is the one who's made it all up and forced Craig to lie and cover up for her. In a way Neil has groomed Kayla into believing him.”

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