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Coronation Street boss reveals long-term story for Daniel and Bethany

Daniel and Bethany Platt kiss passionately in Coronation Street

'It’s emotionally complex…'

Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod has revealed that the current storyline in which Bethany Platt has fallen for Daniel Osbourne will continue into 2020.

Bistro waitress Bethany has recently developed feelings for Daniel whilst he has mentored her in her quest to become a writer.

In scenes to air next week, the pair will share a shock kiss as Daniel seeks comfort in his colleague whilst struggling to deal with the impending death of wife Sinead.

Speaking at a Coronation Street press event, MacLeod said that the plot will continue into next year and “had legs” but added that Bethany’s love for Daniel may be misguided.

Says MacLeod: ‘It’s emotionally complex. Bethany certainly thinks she’s in love with Daniel, but as Audrey says to her in an episode, to what degree does she love Daniel, and to what degree does she love this romantic Byronic figure who’s crying on a windswept moor because he’s lost his wife?

“Is she in love with that fantasy Daniel, or the real man? Does she even know the real man?”

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Sinead announces that she only has weeks to live

The Barlows are unsure how to help Daniel after Sinead passes away

MacLeod has also hinted at what’s in store for Daniel following Sinead’s death, and revealed that tensions will set in within the Barlow family, as his loved ones struggle to know how best to help him.

He adds: "For Daniel's part, the story going forward is about loneliness, isolation and it's about the Barlow family not knowing to what degree they should wade in and try to take over and look after baby Bertie for him, and to what degree should they back off.

"They have to go back to their lives at some point and then Daniel will certainly feel like: 'My wife is still dead, so where the hell have you all gone?

“It's a big messy situation."