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Coronation Street Christmas - 6 EXPLOSIVE festive storylines you don't want to miss

Coronation Street Christmas snow
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The biggest storylines for the festive season have been revealed by Coronation Street - but will there be Christmas joy or misery on the cobbles this year?

Coronation Street has revealed the biggest storylines heading for Weatherfield this Christmas, and it looks like there's going to be more drama than ever on the cards as cobbles residents tuck into their turkey and sprouts.

But which Corrie characters will be at the centre of the action?

Here's six of the most explosive Coronation Street Christmas storylines you'll be enjoying over the festive period...

1. Jenny spirals out of control 

Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny Bradley keeps tabs on Liz and Johnny

Jenny hits rock bottom as she starts to think Johnny and Liz are back together

Johnny and Jenny Connor might be putting on a united front in the bar at The Rovers, but behind the scenes it's a very different story. With Johnny's affair with Liz still hanging over them, Jenny numbs the pain by hitting the bottle... but as her drinking spirals out of control, it looks like her Christmas is going to be far from happy as she continues to stalk Liz.

Our Coronation Street insider reveals: "As her drinking escalates, it's certainly not the season of goodwill for Jenny as she becomes more reckless. How far will she go in her bid to take revenge?" It has already been hinted that Liz could die after being hit by a car... could a drunk Jenny be the one driving?

2. Gina tightens her grip on Tim 

Tim and Gina visit Sally in prison.

Will Gina come between Tim and Sally?

With Sally Metcalfe spending Christmas behind bars, it's no surprise that her husband Tim is struggling to get into the festive spirit. But with Gina Seddon's feelings for her brother-in-law growing, could Sal's absence make way for Gina and Tim to start a shock affair?

Our cobbles mole has revealed: "Gina is determined to bring Christmas to number 4 and pull a cracker. With her feelings for Tim growing, a duplicitous Gina plays Sally and Tim off against one another. As Tim drowns his sorrows, Gina's there to offer a shoulder to cry on, but can she manoeuvre him under the mistletoe?"

3. Sinead's last Christmas? 

Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker lies to Daniel

Can Daniel make this a Christmas Sinead will never forget?

With the heartbreaking realisation that this could be pregnant Sinead Tinker's last Christmas, Daniel Osbourne is determined to pull out all of the stops to make this a festive season they'll never forget. But will his efforts be enough?

"Still reeling from Sinead's cervical cancer diagnosis, Daniel wants to make this the perfect family Christmas," confesses our Corrie insider. "But as the Barlows and Tinkers gather for a vegan dinner, will there be plenty to smile about?"

4. Heartache for Audrey 

Gail Platt is stunned to see Audrey and Lewis share a romantic meal.

Audrey's heading for heartache this Christmas

While Audrey Roberts might think this year is going to be her best Christmas yet, Coronation Street experts have revealed that she could be heading for heartache...

"Audrey feels like all her Christmases have come at once. With Lewis Archer declaring his love and a surprise windfall coming her way, Audrey decides to celebrate by gathering all the Platts together. But Gail Platt doesn't trust Lewis and when his odd behaviour heightens her suspicions, she sets out to try and open her mum's eyes to Lewis the conman."

But as Lewis's plotting takes a sinister turn, will Audrey realise he's up to his old tricks before she becomes a victim once again?

5. Brian's Nativity nightmare 

Cathy is concerned as Phil continues to pile work on Brian

The pressure is mounting for poor Brian

Brian Packham finds himself under serious pressure as Nativity season approaches, and with boss Phil becoming increasingly demanding, it looks like poor Brian might crack before opening night.

Our Coronation Street expert reveals: "Brian's determined to bring the magic of Christmas to Bessie Street Primary, but as he plans a Nativity production to beat all others, he's burning the candle at both ends. Brian certainly puts on a showstopper which will be talked about for years, just maybe not for the right reasons!"

6. New Year romance for Peter and Carla?

Coronation Street - Peter asks Carla if it’s true that she still has feelings for him...

Could a reunion be on the cards for Peter and Carla?

With the chemistry between the former couple still burning, could Peter Barlow and Carla Connor find there's a reunion on the cards as 2019 begins? It certainly sounds like there's plenty of unfinished business between the pair...

"Finding themselves alone in the disused snooker hall, which Peter plans to buy, temperatures rise as Peter and Carla ponder old acquaintances," reveals our expert. "The feelings are still very much alive between the pair - will they see the New Year in with a kiss, or will 2019 be about new beginnings?"

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