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Coronation Street fans shocked to discover how old Daniel Osbourne really is…

Daniel Osbourne is determined to track down his laptop
Daniel Osbourne is determined to track down his laptop

The soap favourite revealed his age in Friday night’s episode

Coronation Street fans were left in disbelief on Friday night after they discovered Daniel Osbourne’s age.

The recent widow – played by Rob Mallard – was deep in conversation with half-brother Adam Barlow, when he dropped the bombshell that he’s only 24!

While his age hasn’t been a secret, it appears that ITV viewers expected Daniel, who is struggling to deal with the death of wife Sinead Tinker from cancer, to be much older than he is.

Daniel Osbourne and Sinead embrace as he promises to support her and the baby

One fan tweeted: “Genuinely didn’t think Daniel was only 24 omg can’t believe I’m older than him."

Another said: “WHAT?! NO WAY. I thought he was like 30..."

And a third simply added: “Daniel’s only 24?”

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne returns for Sinead’s funeral

Meanwhile, Daniel’s age revelation comes after viewers spotted a continuity error in Wednesday night’s episodes with Adam’s new haircut.

The confusion came when in the first episode of the evening Adam was seen talking to both Robert Preston and Daniel in the Bistro, sporting his new hair, which was very closely shaved.

However, fast-forward to the second episode of the evening, and fans noticed that Adam’s hair seemed to have grown considerably in a matter of hours.

In the earlier episode where Adam’s hair was closely cropped, the lawyer was at the restaurant to talk to Daniel about his stolen laptop and how the police were doing all they could to get it back.

By the later episode, Robert was consoling a drunk Daniel over the lost videos from Sinead.

But instead of being worried about Daniel’s drinking or his state of mind after burying his wife the previous day, fans were more concerned about Adam’s hair mysteriously growing.

One commented: “Wow Adam Barlows hair grew quick in this episode of coronation street tonight !!! 🤣🤣🤣 #ITV”

Another added: “Adam Barlow’s hair grew very quickly in tonight’s #itvcorrie #corrie #continuity #itv 😂😂.”

And a third said: “Anyone noticed how Adam’s side hair has suddenly grown since earlier... 🤨 #Corrie.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.