Coronation Street dropping hints about Aidan Connor’s exit - did you spot them?

Aidan Connor to take his own life - Shayne Ward speaks about ' important' storyline

Is Shane Ward's character about to die?

We're definitely going to need the tissues close-by when Coronation Street Aidan Connor's final episode airs - it's almost guaranteed to be a tear-jerker!

Shayne Ward's character is set to leave the soap later this year but so far, the circumstances surrounding his exit have been kept strictly under wraps.

But that hasn't stopped eagle-eyed viewers spotting a few things of late which they think maybe hinting at how Aidan waves goodbye to the cobbles.

Fans have noticed his behaviour has been odd in recent weeks, as he has seemed withdrawn and unwell. So, could he have a secret undetected illness?

After he made Kirk Sutherland promise he would take care of Beth Tinker, fans wondered if he was ill and hadn't told anyone.

Aidan also confused his sisters Kate and Carla as he did everything in his power to save Summer Spellman's pride, as he realised she had a secret crush in him.

They asked: "Is our brother getting sickeningly sensitive and thoughtful?" when he revealed he had hidden her notebook.

Since then fans of the ITV soap are wondering if his exit is going to be a shocking death that no one saw coming.

One fan wrote this beside a photo of Kate and Carla:

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Others followed with comments like: "I feel as if signs lead to the end of Aidan Connor's life," and "Is Summer going to be part of Aidan's leaving storyline? Can't help but think something's a bit off…"

A third chipped in: "Kate and Carla should notice something is up soon."

But maybe it's not an illness? Other fans are worried Aidan could be contemplating suicide, "He's going to kill himself" one predicted.

And others have the theory he's going to be Pat Phelan's latest victim.

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So what's it going to be? Are the Corrie team trying to drop us hints or throw us off the trail?

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