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Coronation Street fans divided over this 'mistake' concerning Abi

Coronation Street Abi
Fans have spotted something unusual about Abi. (Image credit: ITV)

It's all drama in Coronation Street at the moment, with one of the most shocking deaths in the soap's (certainly recent) history. 

But there's a rather more trivial matter that's also got Coronation Street fans talking online — character Abi's perfectly manicured nails.

Despite the turbulent events occurring in Abi's life, from her ongoing romantic saga with Kevin Webster, to attempting to flee the country with her son Alfie and two fake passports, the mechanic always seems to keep on top of a flawless mani — a task some of us struggle with at the best of times.

Abi realises the game is up!

Fans have noticed Abi always has time for a manicure!  (Image credit: ITV)

"Abi in #Corrie should be admired," wrote one fan on Twitter. "Throughout the drama and heartbreak having a drug relapse, being taken to court, false accusations, having her baby taken away and getting ready to flee the country she has managed to keep her nails fresh."

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While others were less than impressed, writing that the perfect nails are just too unrealistic to be taken seriously.

"I hate Abi’s perfectly manicured and painted nails. It doesn't fit the character at all - first she is a mechanic and second she’s in a terrible state over her situation — I’m sure having perfect nails are the least of her worries — makeup dept/writers/directors mistake #Corrie."

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Another fan also noticed Abi's high grooming standards, commenting that Toyah also seems to maintain neat nails during times of trauma. 

"I'm always amazed at Abi and Toyah's perfect nails in a time of trauma. I only have to pick up a pen and they're chipped. There's been Halloween gun fights in storm drains, car crashes, the lot. Perfect every time #Corrie @itvcorrie," they wrote.

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Abi has previously spoken out about fans commenting on her perfect manicure during an appearance on ITV's Lorraine earlier this year. 

"They don't miss a trick, it's amazing—it really is," the star told Lorraine.

"My argument to that is why can't she have lovely nails if she works in a garage?"

Lorraine added, "She might wear gloves!"

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