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'Coronation Street' fans spot proof THIS Weatherfield legend will be KILLED OFF in autumn stunt week

Coronation Street The Rovers Return
'Coronation Street' fans think they have worked out who will meet an untimely end in the soap's stunt week. (Image credit: PA)

Coronation Street fans are convinced they have worked out which legendary character will meet a grisly end in the soap's much-talked-about stunt week this autumn

Bosses recently revealed that the soap's big week this autumn, which has become a bit of a tradition as being some of the most spectacular episodes of the year, would be even bigger than the 2010 tram crash. 

Coronation Street boss Iain Macleod also revealed that not only would the huge stunt involve the sinkhole that has been lurking in the Platts' garden since last year, but that a much-loved character was due to meet an untimely end in the disaster. 

Audrey in Coronation Street

Fans are convinced that all of Audrey's talk of death means she is going to be killed off.  (Image credit: ITV)

Last night's episodes of Coronation Street saw Audrey Roberts celebrating her 81st birthday, and fans think they have spotted proof in the scenes that she is the doomed character who will be killed off.

As Audrey's birthday arrived, her family organised a party for her, but it turned out to be the most underwhelming celebration going when no one but Gail, David, and Sarah turned up, and they all bought her gifts that made her feel old.

As Audrey unwrapped some fluffy slippers, a blanket, and a foot spa, Audrey made many comments about death, and fans are convinced this is the writers' way of laying the foundations for Audrey's demise.

Fans took to social media to share their worries that all of Audrey's comments about her not being long for this world could be a premonition of things to come...

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With fans already writing Audrey off as this autumn's most doomed Weatherfield resident, and the fact the sinkhole that will take centre stage in the soap's stunt week is also conveniently located in the back garden of her family's home, there have been stranger theories in the world of soap. 

Could her feud with Rita soon be the least of poor Audrey's worries?  

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