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Coronation Street fans stunned when THIS major storyline goes UNNOTICED!

Coronation Street fans have been left stunned by a huge storyline twist in last night's visit to the cobbles. Did you spot it?

Coronation Street fans have been left shocked after last night's hour-long episode saw Tim Metcalfe suffer a heart attack.

But it's not just Tim's health that has got people worried, it is the fact that he had a heart attack while sitting right next to wife Sally Metcalfe on the sofa and she didn't even notice!

Poor Tim has been working his fingers to the bone ever since Sally was released from hospital under strict orders to rest following the fall from the factory roof as it collapsed.

But as well as working night shifts at Street Cars, Tim hasn't been looking after himself like he should be.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sally calls an ambulance for Tim Metcalfe!

As well as failing to get any exercise, he also has been eating badly and keeps sneaking off to the cafe for a secret fried breakfast.

Last night saw Tim suffering with chest pains, which he put down to working to much. But thankfully sister-in-law Gina Seddon was worried enough to check on him, and inadvertently saved his life.

As Tim and Sally settled down to watch a zombie programme together, Sally failed to notice that Tim was coming over all clammy and clutching at his chest.

After he asked for the indigestions tablets when he got home, she probably thought that he was just suffering from the ill-effects of his huge cooked breakfast... but really he was suffering a mild heart attack.

Fans couldn't believe that Sally was so engrossed in her zombies that she didn't notice her husband was on death's door...

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But thankfully for Tim, Gina couldn't leave Weatherfield without checking he was okay and headed back to the cobbles to see him.

As she made her way into the house it was clear Tim wasn't well and got him over to the doctors to be checked out.

Once there, the GP told Tim that he had suffered a mild heart attack and that he needed to get to hospital immediately.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sally calls an ambulance for Tim Metcalfe!

As Tim brushed off the worrying diagnosis, Sally was upset that she hasn't seen the signs and went in the ambulance with Tim to the hospital.

Once there, Tim was given a series of tests and told he needed to make some dramatic lifestyle changes if he wants to avoid another attack.

But will Sally be able to thank Gina for saving her husband's life before she departs Weatherfield for good?

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