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Coronation Street favourite accused of MURDER as a dead body is found

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Next week's Coronation Street sees Billy suspicious of Paul...

There is trouble in Coronation Street next week when a dead body is found and Paul Foreman starts acting suspiciously.

The shocking news is set to test Paul's relationship with Billy Mayhew when the vicar starts to worry that Paul could be capable of murder.

Coronation Street spoilers: Billy Mayhew gives Paul some troubling news…

Paul is stunned when Billy reveals Kel is dead (Picture: ITV)

The drama kicks off when the dead body found in the canal turns out not to be Todd Grimshaw as everyone feared.

Instead the deceased is actually none other than Kel Hinchley, the man who made Paul's life a living nightmare while growing up.

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Fans will remember that Kel recently came back into Paul's life when he started dating Bernie Winter again.

But after years of keeping Kel's abuse bottled up, Paul finally found the strength to tell his family the truth.

Coronation Street spoilers: Billy Mayhew gives Paul some troubling news…

Billy is worried that Paul is the one who killed Kel... (Picture: ITV)

Since then, Kel has been awol, and it seems that he has now come to a sticky end.

Billy breaks the news

Billy dreads telling Paul the news about Kel, and while Bernie is pleased Kel is dead, Paul is distraught.

Later Billy finds Paul drinking alone in Victoria Gardens and despite him putting on a brave face, Billy can tell the news has hit him hard.

But it is only when the police arrive to ask Paul some questions that Billy starts to wonder of Paul knows more about Kel's death than he should.

The police are shocked when Paul tells them he isn't surprised that Kel has been murdered, and quickly point out that they hadn't said how he's died.

PAul Foreman in Coronation Street fight wih Kel

The dead body turns out to be Kel Hinchley (Picture: ITV)

Alarm bells start ringing for Billy, and he asks his boyfriend what makes him think that someone killed Kel.

Paul becomes angry and defensive when put under pressure, but it soon becomes clear that he doesn't have blood on his hands after all.

Craig finds Paul and Billy to tell them the police aren't treating Kel's death as suspicious, leaving everyone relieved.

But the look of relief on Billy's face shocks Paul, making him realise Billy genuinely thought he'd murdered Kel.

With the trust gone, is this the end of Billy and Paul?

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