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The future of Coronation Street is under threat - actor Mark Frost reveals why

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Ray Crosby is setting a new plan that will destroy Weatherfield as we know it...

Tonight's Coronation Street saw Ray Crosby revealed as the villain behind the huge sink hole in David Platt's back garden.

But actor Mark Frost, who plays the scheming businessman, has revealed to that this is just the start of Ray's masterplan.

After buying the Bistro and the garage, Ray is now setting his sights on David's home.

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Buying the Bistro was only stage one of Ray's masterplan (Picture: ITV)

But Mark has admitted that Ray won't stop until he has destroyed the whole of Weatherfield.

Ray's new plan is setting the scene for a huge 60th anniversary storyline set to air at the end of the year... and fans are in for a treat.

"Ray’s made no secret of his justification for his behaviour," says Mark, who joined Coronation Street in July 2019.

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"When he bought the garage after blackmailing Abi, and when he bought the bistro — he’s looking to expand his empire. 

Coronation Street spoilers: A sink hole appears in David Platt’s garden!

It was revealed tonight that Ray was the cause of the sinkhole in David's garden (Picture: ITV)

"He sees himself an empire builder, so he is looking to purchase property and get his business to grow exponentially."

"What’s going to come as a surprise is just what lengths he’s willing to go to — to put his plans in place, and the odds that’s going to put him at with the rest of the Weatherfield community."

Community spirit 

When it comes to community spirit, it doesn't come much richer than Coronation Street, but that's not going to stop Ray getting what he wants...

"He’s got no familial links. He sees people and communities as pawns.

"I think to a certain extent there is that breed of property developer, who in order to get plans drawn up and disband communities, they can’t surely look at people as individuals and human beings. 

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Has Ray underestimated the power of community in Coronation Street? (Picture: ITV)

"For Ray, sentimentality is a weakness. It’s something he hates and its probably something from his childhood.

"It probably burns him in a way because he is such a loner, and he doesn’t feel that. I think he’s quite prepared to set fire to all of that."

A secret sidekick 

But it appears Ray won't be working alone, because Mark has hinted that his alter ego has got a secret mole helping him behind the scenes...

"I’m really enjoying the fact that little teasers are coming out and gradually we know more and more. It’s nice that someone has kept quiet about his activities and kept it under the radar.

Ray Crosby

Ray has a plan to destroy Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

"Their motivations for doing so are quite interesting and he might even have an ally in getting what he wants.

"That’s all quite exciting and the development of that will be really interesting."

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