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GRIM discovery in Coronation Street next week as a body is found in the river

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Sean and Billy's hunt for Todd takes a gruesome turn...

The hunt for missing Todd Grimshaw takes a shocking turn in next week's Coronation Street when a man's body is pulled from the river.

Viewers will see Mary Taylor and Sean Tully get a blast from the past tonight's Coronation Street (Wednesday 19th August - see our TV Guide for full listings) when they open Eileen Grimshaw's post.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sean and Billy unite to find Todd Grimshaw

Sean and Billy report Todd as missing next week (Picture: ITV)

With Eileen away, the pair search through her letters and are shocked to see one from her estranged son, Todd.

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The last time we saw Todd on the cobbles was back in 2017 before he went on the run after assaulting a police officer.

But now he is writing to his mum to ask for a thousand pounds, and Sean soon hatches a plan to find out if it really is Todd writing.

Sean and Eileen come up with the scheme tonight to plant a bag of fake cash in Victoria Garden and see if Todd turns up to collect the money.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sean and Billy unite to find Todd Grimshaw

Sean and Billy are worried when news of a body being found in the river reaches them (Picture: ITV)

Whether he makes an appearance or not remains to be seen... but things don't look good because next week Sean and Billy are officially reporting Todd as a missing person.

Sean and Billy unite to search for Todd

Desperately worried, the pair search social media to see if they can track Todd down.

Sean is convinced that Todd is in some sort of trouble, and Billy agrees that they don't have any choice but to hand their search over to the police.

After reporting Todd as a missing person, the pair also meet with the Finding People charity in a bid to get some more help.

Coronation Street new Todd Grimshaw with Billie and Eileen

Todd is set to return to the cobbles in the coming weeks (Picture: ITV)

But when Sean trawls through the missing persons' database, he makes a grim discovery when he reads that a man's body has been found in a local river.

Convinced it could be Todd, Sean becomes emotional... but is he right to panic?

Todd to make a cobbles comeback 

It seems like the search for Todd could continue for now because the role has been re-cast ahead of Todd's return to the cobbles.

Coronation Street new Todd Grimshaw

The character will be played by Stella actor Gareth Pierce (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Todd was perviously played by actor Bruno Langley, however Stella actor Gareth Pierce will now be taking over the role when the character returns this autumn.

Coronation Street will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV.