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Coronation Street hints Kate and Rana’s wedding could be called off because of THIS shock reason

Next week sees the Coronation Street wedding of the year arrive as Kate Connor and Rana Nazir prepare to tie the knot... but is it about to be cancelled at the last minute?

Next week sees Coronation Street's Kate Connor and Rana Nazir's wedding day finally arrive, but when Rana gets a bad case of pre-wedding jitters, will the couple's much-anticipated big day go ahead?

The run up to Kate and Rana's wedding day hasn't been without drama.

First they broke up at the end of last year after falling out over their plans to have a baby together, but thankfully the pair were reunited at New Year, thrilling Coronation Street fans everywhere.

Coronation Street - Kate and Rana get engaged!

Kate and Rana got engaged in October last year

But since then, the preparations for the wedding have been overshadowed slightly by the arrival of Kate's old friend Lolly, who has done everything she can to interfere with the plans for the special day.

And as next week sees the wedding date arrive, it seems that it might have all got too much for a nervous Rana.

The official website for Coronation Street has revealed: "After Lolly's interference, the couple's preparations for the big day haven't been easy and tensions are running high.

"As Kate and Rana prepare to say 'I do', Rana is hit by a last minute case of pre-wedding jitters. Will they get hitched without a hitch?

It has also been hinted that Rana is struggling about not having her family's blessing for her marriage to Kate...

Coronation Street spoilers: Rana Nazir and Kate hen night is a disaster

Kate's friend Lolly has been getting a bit too involved in the wedding planning...

"Rana receives a beautiful wedding gift from her mum and it hits home that she won't have her family at her side on her big day. Understanding, Kate suggests they postpone the wedding, but an emotional Rana insists it goes ahead."

But it seems like no matter how understanding Kate is being towards her future wife, Rana just can't shake the feeling that something isn't right...

"As the big day arrives, Kate nervously calls Rana. Rana fights her emotions as Kate tells her how much she loves her, but could she be talking to a runaway bride?"

Coronation Street spoilers: Rana Nazir and Kate hen night is a disaster

Rana and Kate can't wait to tie the knot, so what is giving Rana the jitters?

Next week's Coronation Street sees the long-awaited factory roof collapse drama hit at the same time Kate and Rana are meant to be tying the knot.

Could the fallout from the Underworld disaster also hinder the pair getting the chance to say the vows that mean so much to them?

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