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Gemma Winter set for massive shock in Coronation Street this Christmas

Coronation Street - Gemma Winter played by Dolly-Rose
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Coronation Street fans are set to see a different side to Gemma Winter this Christmas as a 'blast from the past' comes to the cobbles.

Coronation Street's Dolly-Rose Campbell has revealed that fans can expect Gemma Winter to have a very eventful Christmas this year.

The actress recently hinted that Gemma's in for a big shock over the coming weeks, which will apparently reveal a different side to the usually funny and feisty character.

coronation street, gemma winter

There's a blast from the past heading for Gemma

Ever since she arrived in Weatherfield in 2014 Gemma has been entertaining soap fans with her quirky one liners and amazingly positive outlook on life. But could this blast from the past change all that?

Dolly-Rose told Inside Soap magazine: "There's lot's of different stuff happening over Christmas - a bit of a blast from the past, which is quite revealing.

"It might show us a few different elements of Gemma's character, and explain some things about why she's like she is."

Gemma Coronation Street

Gemma Winter has always bought some light relief to the cobbles

Despite being on our screens for more than two years, Corrie fans still don't know a huge amount about Gemma's past. But could this new chapter for Gemma change all that? It certainly sounds like it according to Dolly Rose... "There's plenty more to come!" she laughs.

When it comes to Gemma's future there is one thing that Dolly-Rose would love to see her character get up to... "I'd love to see Gemma and Steve McDonald go on an adventure together. They've not had much to do with each other so far, have they? That would be hilarious!"

When it comes to Gemma's comedy value on Coronation Street, Dolly-Rose is adamant that her character's wit only works because of her co-stars... "The good thing about Coronation Street is that there are plenty of other comedy characters to bounce off.

"Gemma is such a fun character and the stories I get to play with her are all really enjoyable."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Picture credits: Joseph Scanlon at ITV, Mark Bruce at ITV