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'Coronation Street' schedule shakeup - here is when you can watch the murder trial tonight

Kelly in the stand in Coronation Street
The Coronation Street murder trial is on tonight. (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street will return to its traditional Friday night schedule this evening (3rd September), as the dramatic Corey and Kelly trial continues. The beloved ITV soap is returning to its double-bill format, with episodes airing at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

In a recent shakeup, we saw Coronation Street airing one hour-long episode on Fridays, but from this week we'll be returning to the classic double-bill that fans are familiar with.  

For those wanting to stay tuned into ITV, Simply Raymond Blanc will air at 8pm between the two soap visits.

Meanwhile, fans of Granchester will be pleased to know it's back for the evening slot at 9pm as season 6 kicks off. Will Davenport actor Tom Brittany told us that this series will explore "morality versus legality" among other things.

The Coronation Street scheduling not the only change we'll be seeing either, as dedicated soap fans will be pleased to know that EastEnders is set to return to its regular time of 8:05pm over on BBC1. To avoid clashing with Corrie in recent months, the BBC soap had moved episodes to a later time of 8:35pm so fans could switch over and not miss any of the drama.

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It's looking to be a big night for soap fans, as in Weatherfield Corey Brent plays the victim in court during the first episode of the double-bill where he tells the court how Kelly’s dad is a gangster and she threatened to have him killed if he reported her to the police. But of course, both Kelly and Coronation Street viewers know this is a lie. In the second episode, we'll see Emma Brooker making Curtis an offer as she visits him in hospital.

Meanwhile, in EastEnders, Sharon Watts plots a bombshell confession and finds herself confiding in Phil Mitchell in dramatic scenes. On top of this, Kat Moon is desperate to get her son Tommy back on side, as he's fallen out with her over her refusal to help his new friend Scarlett.

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