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Coronation Street spoiler: Forbidden couple to reunite in dramatic episode!

Coronation Street
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There's romance heading for Coronation Street as a former couple find themselves back together in tonight's trip to Weatherfield.

It looks like romance is back on the cards for Imran and Toyah after they reunite tonight in Coronation Street, but knowing that Leanne isn't going to be impressed, the pair decide to keep their relationship a secret.

After a run in with Nick Tilsley's wife Elsa this evening, Imran is left fuming that Leanne's involvement with Nick could potentially jeopardise his court case.

Leanne's on the receiving end of Imran's bad mood in tonight's Corrie

Leanne's on the receiving end of Imran's bad mood in tonight's Corrie

But despite the fact Leanne swears blind that she doesn't have any interest in Nick, Imran isn't listening and a huge fight breaks out between them at the solicitors office.

While Imran is adamant that he doesn't need his secretary's private life getting in the way of work, Leanne takes offence at his accusations and quickly makes her feeling quite clear by storming out of the office, announcing that she is going to take the rest of the day off.

But as always, the Battersby sisters stick together, and it doesn't take long for Toyah to arrive at the office and give Imran an ear bashing for having a go at her sibling.

However, instead of Imran retaliating, Toyah is left shocked when he simply confesses that he has made lots of mistakes in the past and that he will apologise to Leanne.

Imran and Toyah kiss

Imran and Toyah kiss, but what will Leanne make of their rekindled romance?

With Imran clearly having a bad day, Toyah can't help but feel sorry for him - and when he reveals that his biggest regret is things not working out between then, the passion soon sparks and the pair find themselves kissing.

The only problem is, someone is heading into the office and is about to catch them in the act.

Will it be Leanne, back on the warpath and returning to work to demand an apology from her boss?

Or could it be a client wanting to book another important meeting with the lawyer?

As Toyah dives under Imran's desk to hide, will she make it out of sight in time? Or could the former couple's reignited romance be out in the open again already?

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