Coronation Street star Ben Price on DADDY BOMBSHELL for Nick Tilsley

Nick Tilsley Coronation Street
Nick Tilsley Coronation Street

The businessman discovered he had a son in the first of tonight’s double bill...

It was business as usual for Coronation Street tonight, airing two episodes for the first time since April.

And the drama got off to a flying start, with Natasha Blakeman confirming to ex lover Nick Tilsley that he was, indeed, the father of her nine year old son, Sam.

Nick bumped into the hairdresser on Friday, whilst at Weatherfield General with terminally ill stepson Oliver.

Natasha claimed she was there for a dermatology appointment, but a suspicious Nick followed her and later saw her with Sam, whom she had failed to mention.

Natasha Coronation Street

Blast from the past: Nick got more than he bargained for at Weatherfield General last week (Picture: ITV)

The dates adding up in his head, tonight Nick trawled through social media and came to the conclusion that Sam was his child.

Natasha then confirmed this when she called round to his flat.

But, mindful of Oliver’s ailing ill health, Nick insisted it was the wrong time to spring a long lost child on his family, and therefore needed to stay out of the lad’s life.

Ben Price opens up about his latest storyline

“It’s a bit overwhelming for Nick,” says actor Ben Price.

“There’s a whole load of emotions about whether Natasha was lying and what lies were told, and then there’s guilt for him not being there, and guilt about Leanne and what’s going on with Oliver. 

“Once it’s confirmed to him [that he's the father], it’s huge.

"It poleaxes him. It’s an amazing storyline - but what a time to find out you really do have a son; when your stepson is dying.

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby and Nick argue over Oliver

Nick has discovered he has got a son at the same time his stepson Oliver is dying (Picture: ITV)

"I think it’s too much for him. He compartmentalises Natasha and Leanne for a while, because he can’t deal with both.”

Over the coming weeks, Nick will keep his discovery from Leanne, and will eventually meet Sam behind his partner’s back.

At the same time, Leanne’s life is falling apart, as Oliver’s health declines further and he is put on a life support machine.

Nick and Leanne

Nick has discovered he has a son, just as partner Leanne is set to lose her own child, Oliver (Picture: ITV)

Adds Price: “Part of Nick is ‘Great, another Tilsley! A prodigy to run the factory, let’s have it!’ And he’s over the moon. But how can you be over the moon? It’s a completely messed up situation. 

“I go from scenes of being completely elated to completely devastated when I realise Oliver’s going to die, to being devastated that my son might not love me, to the point where I’m scared that Natasha might take him away. And I know what Nick’s like. He won’t let that happen - he’ll fight.”

A blast from the past 

Nick and Natasha have a somewhat colourful history. They dated back in 2010, but he rejected her when she revealed she was pregnant; prompting her to have a secret abortion.

When Nick changed his mind and decided he wanted to play happy families, Natasha pretended she was still pregnant.

Leanne Battersby is left heartbroken…

Leanne is in a world of pain over Oliver, oblivious to the fact Nick is hiding a huge secret from her (Picture: ITV)

But Gail, who was working at the medical centre, snooped through the crimper’s records and exposed the truth about her termination. 

A devastated Natasha attempted to take her own life.

Nick saved her and offered to try again with their relationship, but Natasha realised she'd always be second best to Nick's then ex, Leanne, and left Weatherfield after a showdown with Nick, Leanne, Gail and everyone else whom she felt had wronged her. 

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV 

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