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'Coronation Street' star Jennie McAlpine reveals HUGE drama for Fiz next year

Coronation Street - Fiz is stunned by Mimi's 'present'.
Jennie McAlpine says there is big drama coming for her character in 2022. (Image credit: ITV)

While it looks as if things are going great guns in Coronation Street between Fiz Stape and her bloke Phill Whittaker, it’s been revealed that trouble is looming.

But it’s not Fiz’s jealous ex Tyrone who’s at the root of the upcoming grief. It’s Fiz’s pesky daughter Hope Stape!

Hope is back at school... but things don't go to plan.

Jennie McAlpine says Fiz's daughter, Hope, will cause trouble in 2022.  (Image credit: ITV)

Actor Jennie McAlpine who plays Fiz has teased that fan-favourite Hope will be causing problems in 2022.

The news comes just as it appears that Fiz and ‘stepdad’ Phill are cementing their romance by looking at family homes to move into as 2021 draws to a close.

Coronation Street Phill Fiz

Phill has played the long game with Fiz and it's now getting serious. (Image credit: ITV)

‘Remember we have Hope bubbling, simmering under the surface,’ said Jennie to WhattoWatch as she discussed what's coming up on the soap. 

"I don’t know why Phill wants to be a stepdad to her, she’s an absolute bloody nightmare," she laughed. 

Teasing what lies ahead for the blended family, Jennie added: "I am sure I have been in a police car as well somewhere down the line. I have filmed that!"

Tyrone tells a stunned Fiz Stape that he wants his old life back.

Tyrone and Fiz's relationship ended when he cheated on her. (Image credit: ITV)

Sadly Jennie didn't disclose whether we’ll see Tyrone finally win back Fiz from Phill in the months to come, but the actor has set out her stall for a ‘girl power’ storyline for her and Tyrone’s acerbic nan Evelyn (Maureen Lipman).

"Fiz needs time on her own," said Jennie. "I totally understand that her world was blown apart and she had no one to help practically. When Phill came along, she felt let’s do it. People don’t want to be on their own. 

"But I’d like her to think she could have done something better. Evelyn and Fiz together on their own – girl power!"

Fiz and Tyrone are shocked when they return home to find Evelyn threatening Hope.

Will we see Jennie's dream storyline for Fiz and Evelyn come true? (Image credit: ITV)

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