Coronation Street star Todd Boyce teases killer Stephen's THIRD victim

Coronation Street killer Stephen Reid looking menacing in front of a brick wall background
Coronation Street's Todd Boyce has teased Stephen Reid's third potential target. (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street star Todd Boyce, who plays evil killer Stephen Reid, has hinted who his character could set his murderous sights on next.

Over the past few months in Coronation Street, Stephen has been desperately trying to cover up his lies and deceit, killing Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) in the process to stop his scamming scheme from being exposed. 

Leo stands dangerously close to the edge of the building.

Stephen has already killed Leo Thompkins. (Image credit: ITV)

Now, the killer is about to claim his second victim — Leo's father, Teddy (Grant Burgin) when his memory returns and he works out exactly what happened to his son.

With Stephen becoming more desperate by the minute and doing whatever it takes to stop people from getting in the way of his plans, it's only a matter of time before he strikes again — but with his kill count now at two, who could be his third victim?

Stephen Reid gets rid of Teddy!

Stephen is set to kill Teddy in next week's episodes.  (Image credit: ITV)

Speaking to What to Watch, actor Todd teased who could be Stephen's next target.

He revealed: "Carla’s [Connor] getting on his wick. She’s humiliated him on two occasions in front of his former colleagues when he was a bigwig in Milan and they’ve wandered into Underworld or into his business and I keep pretending I’m just doing some consultancy work and she’s got me out the back in packing.

"She just spoilt my cover by saying, ‘Go on, get back to packing’ so she crushed me in front of them. She’s got a business that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on and she’s annoying me. She’s skating on thin ice."

So could Stephen kill Carla and steal her crown to become the king of Underworld?

Carla can't change Roy's mind.

Could Carla Connor be Stephen's next victim? (Image credit: ITV)

And it seems the rest of the Coronation Street cast are worried about their fate when they find out that they're filming a scene with Todd...

Todd said: "I think I’ve had a scene with probably every main character on the street, which makes them all terrified. I’m sure, they know to stay away from me. I get asked repeatedly, by the same people, ‘So how long are you gonna be in the show?’ 

"I’ve had people ask me three or four times because they want to know. They’re just sweating it. And then there are rumours about people that I don’t think I would kill, I’m being told ‘I think you’re gonna kill that person’, I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’ They’re nervy."

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