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Coronation Street viewers furious after ‘nice guy’ Tyrone cheats on Fiz with Gemma

Tyrone and Gemma bond over their complicated love lives and caught up in the moment Tyrone leans in for a kiss!
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Corrie fans were not happy to see Tyrone and Gemma kiss behind Fiz’s back…

Coronation Street viewers couldn’t believe their eyes after witnessing a married Tyrone cheat on his wife Fiz in Friday night’s episode.

Fans of the once ‘devoted’ husband took to Twitter in their droves to vent their anger over his betrayal, which saw him kiss Gemma Winter on the sofa after they had one too many drinks.

Feeling emotional after learning that there was a £5,000 bet to date her, and with Tyrone opening up about his marriage problems with Fiz, the pair ended up embracing in a steamy kiss before making their way upstairs to his bedroom to have sex.

But viewers quickly branded him a ‘dirty dog’ and expressed their outrage over his infidelity.

One said: ‘Tyrone you snake’.

Another added: ‘If Tyrone the nicest guy ever can cheat then there’s no hope in the world’.

Coronation Street

A third commented: ‘You utter tart Tyrone #corrie’.

While a fourth tweeted: ‘Tyrone you dirty dog #corrie.'

Another viewer moaned: ‘Please no. Tyrone and Gemma. I can't look.#CoronationStreet.'

But there were some viewers who thought Tyrone and the kebab worker would make a great couple, with one viewer even saying they could be the new Jack and Vera.

One said: 'I soooo prefer Tyrone and Gemma, there [sic] so cute together. Better than boring Fiz'.

A second tweeted: ‘They'd be great together, like the new Jack and Vera. No idea how he has stayed married to Fizz for so long, she's unbearable!'

Coronation Street

But their night of passion won’t stay secret for long as Jennie McAlphine, who plays Fiz, revealed things could get aggressive when Fiz confronts Tyrone with a condom wrapper in next week’s episode.

'In absolute traditional Coronation Street tradition she hates Gemma even more than she hates Tyrone', Jennie told the Manchester Evening News.

'There’s a catfight with a difference. There is violence involved.'